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Don’t contact Traditional Painter -from PRIVATE NUMBER!

Listed under Blog, Marketing Posted Nov 20 2010

Overall, I think I am easy to contact. The CONTACT button on my website is fairly prominent, and I have listed all the details for people to make enquiries and pose questions via email, via the contact forms on the website, and via mobile phone and landline numbers. There is also Twitter…

Occasionally I even get a letter – although they tend to be from firms or government departments angling for the fruits of my services!

So overall, with a fairly comprehensive list of contact options, you would think no enquiry ever slips through the net. If only.

Private number – potential lifelong client or spammer?

To be honest, my heart sinks when the mobile phone screen displays PRIVATE NUMBER. 90% of the time I will not answer it, assuming it is spam. I also assume that if it is important or genuine, the caller will leave a message with their contact details. That is my assumption. I have no clue if I am right, though, and you know what they say about assume – it can make an ass out of you and me!

Pick up the phone, I am important.
In this day and age it is amazing what can annoy some folks, and the smallest misunderstandings can turn us off dealing with a person or company. So there is every chance that some potentially great client calls me behind a private number (without realising that spammers do that too), and I won’t answer because it is number withheld. No doubt a legitimate enquirer somewhere is cursing the rudeness of another damned painter who couldn’t even be bothered to pick up a phone.

Apologies to lady in Doncaster
One thing I definitely know about the downside of private numbers is this – last week, I did pick up to a private number, and rather than Brad from Bombay selling phone plans, it was a very nice lady who wanted to know about my furniture painting service. I explained the procedure for painting a lacquered dining set and dresser. I went through various options, and when she asked about cost, I said the best thing for an accurate figure was to email me the pictures. “A 5 door dresser with 2 shelves” doesn’t really aid me in the quotation process!

I could hear my phone beeping that the battery was on low. I could tell that she was a little frustrated that I couldn’t give her a price there and then, but I asked whereabouts she lived. The phone beeped again, and just as she said “Doncaster” and I said, “Oh, that is a long way from SK10”, the phone died. That is when hiding behind a PRIVATE NUMBER can ruin everything.

I have no way of calling her back to discuss the option of a pick-up and drop-off service, rather than painting in situ, and I know she won’t be sending me any pictures so I can prepare a quote. In fact, the chances are, I am now ‘that very rude man in South Cheshire who claims to be a professional, but just hung up on me without so much as a by your leave.’

The moral of the story

Please don’t make it too difficult for YOU to be contacted! I always try to answer my mobile phone during work hours, but I am not a multi-tasking aerobatic juggler, so, if I am up a ladder or in the middle of painting a door, or on a site visit, I am afraid it will be left to ring.

Please, either leave a message with a contact number or call from a phone with a number that can be logged on my mobile – and if you withhold your number, now you know why we may never have the pleasure of working together.

If we were in USA, there would be no problem as Trapcall can unscrambled private numbers so you can ID the caller. If only.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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5 comments to “Don’t contact Traditional Painter -from PRIVATE NUMBER!”

  1. acmasterpainter

    [watch out!] Don’t contact Traditional Painter -from PRIVATE NUMBER! – via #twitoaster https://traditionalpainter.com/dont-conta

  2. JGDecorator

    RT @acmasterpainter: [watch out!] Don’t contact Traditional Painter -from PRIVATE NUMBER! – via #twitoaster https://traditionalpainter.com/dont-conta

  3. acmasterpainter

    @webchicboutique new tactic with private numbers. So far answered 2 & both spam! will persevere for a mnth & report bak https://traditionalpainter.com/dont-conta

  4. webchicboutique

    @acmasterpainter good idea see what percentage r true calls & then decide if its time/cost effective 2 answer – r all ur true calls daytime?

  5. Jenny

    Using F&B for the first time, unfortunately using estate eggshell over Zinsser 123 deep tint. Not only is it not drying but coverage is very poor and much more of a sheen than we wanted (or were led to believe by F&B description). We’re painting about 20 doors, lots of windows and a large staircase in a very dark grey – so, a big job. Searching for help,found your comments about this problem combo online. We’re now of a mind to ditch the F&B and find a water based eggshell that can ideally be colour matched to the F&B shade, if not, a good dark grey, with good coverage and as low sheen as possible. I’ve also found your comments about LG eggshell paints so tempted to go that route, are there any decent alternatives in trade paints? You seem to refer to a list of alternative paints you recommend but there is no link next to it…?
    Thank you by the way for all the useful advice on your website, a fantastic resource for all decorators.

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