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A determined DIY painting a solid mahogany kitchen Crosby

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Little Greene Posted Jun 07 2014

At Traditional Painter, we are willing to help anyone with more than a passing interest in decorating. Homeowner Jan has written an explanation of how she went about DIY painting a solid mahogany kitchen herself after a consultation and referencing info on the site.

Little Greene painted kitchen
I’m a novice painter, and wanted to hand-paint my own kitchen. Having scoured the site for tips and information, plus a few hours being talked and walked through the processes, I was ready to go!


To thoroughly de-grease the cabinet doors, I used Krud Kutter – fabulous product for the job. The bare woodwork got quite wet in order to thoroughly lift all the grease and ingrained dirt. As I kept a clean kitchen, I was shocked by just how much dirt came off!

Because my kitchen doors are made up of 5 parts, I wanted to ensure that where water may have got into the joints, that the doors were thoroughly dry before I applied Zinsser Bin. This meant leaving the doors to dry for a week to ensure the Zinsser wasn’t compromised by damp wood.

Preparation 2

Firstly, I filled any gaps or little holes with wood filler and gave it a day to completely dry.

Before applying Zinsser Bin, I used methylated spirit, having thoroughly removed any bits of dust using tack cloths. To keep the amount of tack cloth usage to a minimum, I first used my hoover attachment to get the worst off. I then used the tack cloths.

I sanded the Zinsser Bin thoroughly, hoovered and dusted, using tack cloths.


I applied 3 thin coats of Little Greene oil eggshell paint. It is important to use thin coats to maintain a high quality paintwork finish and it worked a treat. Owatrol oil was added, to aid with flow out.

Between each coat of paint, I denibbed and I thoroughly hoovered then wiped down with tack cloths, as I didn’t want any little traces of dust to ruin the finished coat of paint. I usually waited 48 hours between each coat of paint to ensure that each coat had hardened sufficiently before applying another coat.

I left the doors to cure for approximately 3 weeks to ensure the paint had hardened sufficiently to withstand being re-hung.

I applied masking tape to the glazed cabinet doors in readiness for painting. It worked a treat and was worth the effort, as it saved me a lot of time in the long run and gave me a great finish.

oil eggshell glazed doors

Was it worth DIY painting a kitchen?

As there were 29 doors it has saved me a fortune when compared to the cost of replacing them all, as well as all the upheaval that it would have caused. I don’t think I could have found these door profiles in solid wood anywhere, without paying a small fortune.

I now have my dream kitchen!

little greene oil eggshell kitchen

The results of painting a solid mahogany kitchen, not bad hey!

Previous experience

Jan had a trial run on some bedroom furniture. That worked too!

Before – I have awful wood effect melamine/laminate fitted wardrobes which I wish to paint to a long-lasting finish in Little Greene paints.

After – With your expert advice, I have successfully painted my bedroom wardrobes and I am really pleased with the results. So thank you very much as it saved £1600.00 purchasing one to match other bedroom furniture.

This project spanned many months and took a lot of patience, but is proof that painted kitchens are within the realms of possibility for very determined DIY.

Here is another example of a homeowner going through the same steps that we advise and practice. This time in Berkshire.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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