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Dereham has one less orange wooden kitchen

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Richard Willott Posted Jan 20 2016

white painted oak kitchen Dereham

Dereham, in the heart of Norfolk, was the location of a recent kitchen renovation by Richard Willott. He was contacted by Mr & Mrs G back in early September and was asked if he could possibly transform their dated orange wooden kitchen with a hand painted finish, please!

orange oak kitchen

Dereham – did you know?

Dereham is about an hour from Richard’s work base in Bury St Edmunds, and has an interesting history that pre-dates the above kitchen by quite a few years.

The town has its origins in the pre-Saxon era, and they have their own Saxon Saint, Withburga, who founded a monastery, and is commemorated on the town sign which straddles the Market Place entrance to the High Street.

Dereham emblem

Many of the town’s ancient buildings were destroyed in a fire in the 17th century, but St Nicholas with its unusual campanile tower and the nearby Bishop Bonner’s cottage (which is now a museum) survived the fires, and nowadays several imposing Georgian buildings also grace the bustling town centre.

Refreshingly, it is a market town that still has actual markets (Tuesday and Friday on Market Place, as well as a Farmers’ Market two Saturdays a month!)

On with the work

As you could see from the photo above, this light oak kitchen was still in very good order, albeit an odd shade of orange!

Within hours of arriving on site, all removable components were safely loaded into the van. I then began the preparation process on the units, degreasing all the surfaces.

This step is so important. I use a 50/50 mix of Fluxaf Pro Clean, and with the help of a coarse green scourer, I remove all traces of contaminants that might affect the paint.

The next stage is sheeting up and protecting worktops and flooring, before I bring out the Festool RTS 400 orbital sander, connected to a dust-extraction system.

It is vital to keep the mess to a minimum, and dust-free sanding is mandatory standard practice, at least in these parts!

Once everything was wiped down with a cloth soaked in methylated spirit, the first of two coats of adhesion primer was applied to all the static components.


Back in the workshop

Compared to having a new kitchen installed, our hand painting service is very low impact anyway, but when it is feasible to take the doors and drawer fronts away, we can further reduce the disruption, which is no bad thing.

We follow the same procedure on all the doors, drawers and kick boards, and from cleaning down, to sanding to painting, every square inch receives the same amount of care and attention to detail.

The end is nigh

Once back on site, a further two top coats were applied to all the static components, and then every door and drawer was rehung in position.

Labelling is very important when removing kitchen doors. Because of inconsistencies with fitting, and movement over time, you can sometimes find that not even “identical” hinges are interchangeable, let alone identical size doors.

Another delighted client

A final top coat was applied.

My paint of choice is Alcro’s Servalac Aqua 10 in their equivalent of Chalky Down 6

Once the top coat had dried, all the new handles were fitted.

Mr & Mrs G were absolutely delighted with the finished result.

white painted oak kitchen

Customer service not lip service

Ombusman services logo Customer service is very important to us, and to demonstrate that we aren’t just saying it to sound good, we are members of the The Ombudsman Services: Consumer Ombudsman who is independent and impartial.

If you delve deeper into some “Consumer Protection” schemes you might find some alarming loopholes, and less protection than you thought! So to make sure our clients are properly covered, we have voluntarily signed a legally binding Deed Poll. In the unlikely event of a complaint about Traditional Painter work, if we cannot resolve the issue to your satisfaction, you will be referred free of charge to the Consumer Ombudsman, and if, in their judgement we have fallen short, we will implement their recommendations without question.

Richard is an invited member of the Traditional Painter group, some of his work can be viewed on our site here, and also on his own FX Decor site . If you have any questions, we are happy to try and help. If you are decorating and have a question, you are welcome to browse the forum.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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