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Decorating advice in the news (paper.li)

Listed under Blog, Marketing Posted Aug 31 2010

Apart from Traditional Painter FAQ, there is an excellent online resource for decorating tips and advice – the daily paper.li a Twitter-powered newspaper!

Graphskill Ltd Daily

Graphskill is an on-line shop for marine grade stainless steel fasteners. Component manufacturer of a full range of pipefittings.

Of their 469 Twitter followers, 3 are experts in the decorating trade, or have a keen interest in painting and decorating and have something interesting to say! They each published an article, or promoted an article of theirs on the internet today, and the Graphskill paper automatically collated them and displayed teasers on their front page.

One handle 2 rollers, two colours applied at once!

Dual-roller decorative painting systems can create unique color and texture effects on your walls in a fraction of the time required by more traditional methods.

It looks to me like an attempt to simulate rag-rolling, so a bit old fashioned (or should I say, not of the current moment) but it does look OK to me!

I suppose I am expected to say it is a rubbish substitute for a craft skill. Obviously it is not as subtle as the authentic hand-applied method, (I prefer the harder ragging on approach myself)) but the effect does look more authentic than the creation that flows horribly from those flappy chamois rollers from Dulux Duette!


So that is a quick flick through one paper.li creation – a new way of viewing the hot news and tips posted daily by companies and experts who use Twitter.

This news format is fast becoming required reading. I anticipate more in the future, as it takes off virally, and if you don’t have your own paper, then, well, who are you?!

Meanwhile, as I cannot seem to log in to create my own daily news bulletin, I will have to be content with my recent appearance in Historic Architecture Daily.

Can you recommend any other paper.li examples?

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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  1. acmasterpainter

    [watch out!] Decorating advice in the news (paper.li) – via #twitoaster https://traditionalpainter.com/decorating

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