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Dakota Painters pyramids

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, products Posted Jul 12 2011

I have not used this product yet on a hand-painted kitchen, but, if you paint your doors lying flat, then these Dakota painters pyramids look quite handy.

Each pyramid is 2″ tall and made from a polymer that does not react to paint, and, according to a real life reviewer, it doesn’t even leave a mark in wet paint! So you can paint one side, flip the door over, paint the second side and then stack as normal.

The pyramids carry a lot of weight, some 200lbs per pyramid. Using 4 or more, it works on the same principle as using a bed of nails – huge weight can be distributed over an area of fine points. (Some spray shops do actually use beds of nails to support large flat objects and keep them off the ground while being sprayed. The nails do leave a tiny pin-prick that can be easily dealt with. The pyramids require no touch up, apparently.)

Painters pyramids come with extra wings, so you can permanently fix them to a bench.

Painters Pyramids are used on a rotating turntable (is there any other sort of turntable?)

Slide the pyramids into position and safely rotate an item weighing up to 200lbs while spraying it.


If you currently paint doors laid flat and raised off the bench either on sticks or something akin to my space age props!, the pyramids sound like a better option- ie

the door might be a bit more stable for painting

you can paint two sides in one visit.

Where you need a turntable for furniture, definitely pyramids would seem to be a major step forward.

Used by Martin Guest

Simply place the work on the pyramids, paint the upper face only, leaving the sides bare at this stage. When that face is finished, hold the work by the sides, turn it over and replace the work on the pyramids wet face down. Then paint the new upper face and the sides. No mess, no fuss and no damage to the finish. Recently updated, the painters pyramids now feature a special lock and tab system.”

If you have any experience of this, feel free to share while we try to catch up. Rutlands are the supplier, and they have a bunch of very useful, quirky tools and gadgets for cabinet makers and painters.

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