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Customer service, the dirty secret in kitchen painting!

Listed under Blog, Emma Brown, hand-painted kitchen Posted Jan 08 2015

There is way more to painting a kitchen than painting! Customer service, you might have heard of it!?

trimaco tape on glassRead around and you will see that craftsmen like to focus on the nuts and bolts of their craft. Best masking tape, brushes, fillers, abrasives, best way to sand, fill, paint, mask up… we can talk all day and all night about this stuff. It is understandable, because for the most part, our craft is a vocation and it is inbuilt to strive to prefect the technicals and deliver a smoother, tougher job than the last one.

But being a great kitchen painter in many ways is the “easy bit”, (assuming you are talented, and brave enough to commit to your craft), and in my opinion, to be a top kitchen painting business or top any business in decorating, it is definitely not enough for a company to be technically good.

Customer service, anyone?

I invite and unreservedly recommend Traditional Painters like Emma, primarily because they also find it easy to tick the following boxes, the boxes that most of our clients focus on. (This is from a testimonial from one of Emma’s clients )

Punctual – tick
Reliable – tick
Good communicator – tick
Quality of work – tick
Completion on time – tick
Pride in work – tick
Realistically priced – tick
Tidy – tick
Non-disruptive – tick
Honest – tick
Knowledgeable – tick
Helpful – tick

All boxes ticked then and are we happy with finished article? – tick, tick, tick, tick, tick tick tick …..

One day it will be common knowledge what is possible with hand painting older kitchens and furniture. Nowadays, when we hand over a finished kitchen, we tend to be greeted with giddy smiles and genuine disbelief at the high quality of the transformation, but one day, hopefully, the usual response from clients when we finish up will be along the lines of a resigned “OK, yep, that is exactly the high standard of finish on my paintwork I was expecting, and our old wooden kitchen looks brand new, just like I expected.

What will be a lot further into our future though is when a client says “10 people on our street have had their kitchens transformed by 10 different painting companies and the customer service from every single one of them was equally top drawer.”

Until that utopian day of perfect competition arrives, Emma in Kent will continue to go through a lengthy technical process making this superb wooden kitchen look ever sharper;

MWF kitchen - before

– us craftsmen will be scanning her blog for hot tips on best masking tape or brush;

– the after photos will convey part of the overall story;

– her clients will be looking through the above checklist, ticking those customer service boxes, the ones that mattered most to them, glad that she didn’t gloss over the complexities of the project with a low-ball price and “no problem, it’s only painting lots of wood, how hard can that be.

Emma Brown is a specialist kitchen painter in Kent and for many years has been working on new bespoke wooden kitchens and refurbishing existing kitchens and furniture around the county. Emma is also a talented colourist.

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