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Cupa soup for painters – more culture

Listed under Blog, Martin Dunn, snacks Posted Dec 04 2013

To continue the theme from yesterday about how painters are real people with interests beyond the latest decorating tools and dustless extraction sanding equipment…Martin Dunn in Staffordshire reveals all about a favourite cupa soup.

Life is a minestrone

cupa soupIt’s getting cold out there people, so I thought I would send over tried and tested methods on how to keep warm, from god’s own country. Yes, that’s right the Black Country.

We all know that painting can keep you warm, but when having a little break from applying Mythic primer undercoat to prepared woodwork on a staircase, you need a little something to keep the chill out.

KIPPER TIE? “Now that’s not going to keep you warm Mr Dunn” I hear you cry. No, it’s not, but you have just learnt your first black country words.

KIPPER TIE = Cup of tea. Go on say it to yourself whilst trying to sound like Noddy Holder. Easy ain’t it. You will be talking like the Earl of Dudley before you know it.

But some days a cup of tea isn’t enough. On days like this you need CUPa SOUP! Oh yes, when tea isn’t enough (and you have Pot Noodle on the menu for dinner when you get home), CUPa SOUP is the perfect hot snack.

Trusted feedback

You will know by now that we don’t recommend things unless we have tested them extensively, and this product is no exception.

We have put in the ground work for you and tested the range, apart from asparagus – who eats that rubbish?

bachelors cupa soup for painters
Why, we even tried an Ainsley Harriot wild mushroom cupa soup. Rubbish.

It might be a controversial choice, but we have gone for MINESTRONE WITH CROUTONS! Oh yes, it’s a tasty delicious little snack.

A little taste of Italy in a cup, on a staircase, in Walsall. We know how to live.

cupa soup

CUPa SOUP on film

My decorating team of Matt, Dan, Rich and myself decided to take a break from work and made a little video to show you how good it really is. We have not used our real names, so as to protect the innocent.

Get down and get with it.

Martin Dunn Painting and decorating specialist Birmingham Staffordshire South CheshireSpecialist painter and decorator, Martin Dunn, is a member of the Traditional Painter UK network. He is the first port of call for painting and decorating projects from Birmingham to Stafford and S Cheshire.

Martin has been a specialist decorator for many years, and is expert in most traditional decorative finishes, and wallcoverings. He also spent 7 years lecturing, and is one of only a few in the country who were qualified to assess the workmanship of professional decorators.


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