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Cosmetic repairs – repair damaged surfaces

Our speciality is hand-painted kitchens, particularly refurbishing well made but tired kitchens. Cosmetic repairs is another interesting option we can offer you, to ensure maximum effect and maximum return on your money.

If you are weighing up the cost of a new kitchen v upgrading your existing kitchen, and you notice your sink is scratched, the worktop is chipped, or floor tiles are cracked, you may be thinking that to make a “proper job”, damaged items really should be replaced.

chipped acrylic

Then the upgrade costs start mounting in your head and you veer towards new. Then you shelve the whole idea because it is just all too much for now…

Don’t despair – think cosmetic repairs. Repair damaged marble, granite, uPVC, stone, acrylic surfaces and avoid the huge expense and inconvenience of replacement.

Repair damaged surfaces, don’t replace.

As an example, a granite worktop is damaged by lemon washing up liquid – it happens!

Do you rip out the whole worktop back to the next joint, (it could be the sink run!) and replace the worktop, as well as reinstate the upstand or tiles damaged during worktop removal?

You could!

Or you could call in a Cosmetic Repair specialist to clean back and re-polish the worktop, leaving it as good as new, for a fraction of the cost of new, and probably only one day’s disruption!

Repair damaged sink, no need to replace

Your sink is scratched or in this case, broken.

broken sink repaired sink

Do you have it removed, re-ordered, re-fitted, plus any incidental damage put right?

You could!

Or you have it repaired in situ with an invisible mend. Literally, all evidence of damage can be removed by a surface fixer / cosmetic repair specialist, and the sink left exactly as it was pre-accident. The sink would be aesthetically and practically, as good as new.

Your kitchen would be barely out of action too. On with the kitchen painting, and very soon, you will have a ship-shape transformed kitchen with your budget intact.

Basic cosmetic repairs

Nine Traditional Painters have been trained in basic cosmetic repairs, which you can ask them about when they are painting your kitchen.

Repair specialist on hand

We also have our first dedicated cosmetic repair specialist, David Fry in Nottingham, offering a repair over replacement option.

A surface scratch in a granite worktop, or the smallest of dents in a piece of furniture, a scratched uPVC surface, burnt, gouged, cracked… – more often than not, nobody knows how this damage was caused, or who caused it, but the damage is visible, you know it is there, you want it gone, but replacement is an expense too far!

Now you have a cost-effective solution, David Surface Fixer, at the end of the phone, a specialist who just does repairs.

For once, it is not a corny line to say, no job too small!



Here are more examples of repairs to any household items or surfaces.

Our speciality is hand-painted kitchens, taking tired but well made kitchens and reviving them with a durable and beautiful hand-painted finish. If you are looking at an upgrade, we have plenty of practical solutions that you may not have considered possible or feasible.

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