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Complete guide to wood flooring

Listed under Blog, suppliers Posted Dec 09 2010

The ability of wood to create a sense of inviting warmth and its unique character amongst other types of flooring makes wood a popular flooring solution in many properties. With the right care which basically revolves around keeping the floor clean and tidy, wood flooring can last for 30 years. When compared to other flooring, 30 years use is very competitive and even exceeding many types.

There are, however, three important considerations to take into account when sourcing wood flooring products. You will do well to understand each one before making your decision. The three considerations are:

1. The type of wood floor
2. The wood species
3. The wood coating

Wood Flooring Types

During your research you will come across again and again two terms which might seem confusing, these are solid and engineered. All you need to know is that there are two types of wood flooring on offer and in many cases both types will suit your property.

The first type is called solid wood flooring and as the name suggest, the floor is made from 100% solid wood. While this solid construction makes the floor very strong, it inherits one property of natural wood which some may find unsuitable in their property. Wood will react to temperature changes, so in cold conditions it may shrink and in hot conditions it may expand. Solid floor which carries 100% wood, may react in such a way.

The alternative therefore is another type of wood flooring called engineered wood floor which is made from wood, together with Plywood and MDF. This makes the floor immune to temperature changes because while the core remains wood, it is mixed with materials which are impervious to temperature.

How to decide between them?

Both solid and engineered look 100% the same. Your decision should be based around the particular circumstances of where the floor is placed. In the past, some people regarded engineered wood as been slightly weaker compared to solid, however nowadays they are equally strong.

Different Wood Species

Both types of floor contain real wood. Solid flooring contains 100% wood, while engineered flooring contains slightly less. The wood which is used has to tick three boxes to become suitable. It has to be durable, so as to offer up to 30 years of use, it has to be affordable, so it will fit most budgets and it has to be available from sustainable forests to meet international policies and consumer demand for ethically sourced woods.

The two most popular wood species and two which tick all the right boxes are Oak and Walnut. These are wood species and sub-species which are plentiful from South to North America

Wood Flooring Coating

The 3rd and last consideration when sourcing wood flooring is the type of coating which is used. The coat has two roles in reality, one practical and one visual. With its practical hat on, the coat is used to seal the wood and protect it from minor damage. With its visual hat on, the coat gives the floor that lovely shine and can be painted to color match the floor to an interior decor style.

Enjoy your floor.

If you are finding it difficult to decide which floor is more suitable or you have further questions, why not discuss your requirements with an interior decorator.

Guide contributed by wood flooring seller, Wood and Beyond. A London based FSC accredited vendor of solid wood floors and engineered wood floors


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