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Colour Trend paint review : paint with passion

Listed under Adam Bermingham, Blog, brushes, Corona, paint Posted Feb 14 2013

A Colour Trend paint review from Traditional Painter for Ireland, Adam Bermingham, who gives Colour Trend acrylic paints a work out. We like independents, doing things right and doing right by their customers. What does Adam think of this Irish paint manufacturer’s products?

colortrend paintRonan O’ Connor began manufacturing decorative paints from a Famine Workhouse in Ireland in 1953. Today, almost 60 years later, Colortrend Paint has become Ireland’s only, 100% Irish owned and operated, leading-edge paint company.

Check out their site to find out more info on the history of Colortrend & what they do.

Colortrend pride themselves in operating at the forefront of paint technology offering 100% pure acrylic decorative paints and customized industrial coatings.

Everyday, we challenge ourselves to create superior paints that apply smoother, last longer and never fail to delight and inspire you.

Well, lets find out…

Colourtrend Emulsion

colortrend paint What does a professional painter need from the paint that they use? Three things; finish, ease of application and durability.

As this is the first time I have used Colortrend emulsion it is impossible to know how it will perform over time. From talking to customer care about its properties and technical info, and from the way it adhered, I expect it will be highly durable.

Best brushes for Colour Trend emulsion

To fully test the paint I used a number of different brushes. I found the best to be the * Wooster FTP and the * Proform Picasso for use with Colortrend. I didn’t use any additive or conditioner, so as to get a true reflection of its performance. I was very impressed.

colortrend paint Perfect consistency makes it very easy to load the brush and produce a fantastic finish.

Overall view

With a roller the coverage and finish is more than a match for its competitors and the depth of colour is right up there with Farrow & Ball.

I would highly recommend Colortrend Matt Emulsion for both the domestic user and the professional decorator.

Colour Trend Wood Primer

colortrend paint At My Hand Painted Furniture we specialize in hand painted kitchens & furniture. One of the things I use most of, and need to be of the highest quality, is wood primer.

Like all Colortrend products their wood primer is water-based, they call it undercoat but to me it’s a primer. In my experience the benchmark for water-based wood primer is Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3. How does Colortrend compare?

This is a very good primer on bare pine. What I’m looking for in a primer is something that can be applied quickly and dries fast, covers well and can be easily sanded to an ultra-smooth surface. Colortrend Wood Primer does all these things, so I’m happy, very happy with it.

colortrend paint

Click on Image to Enlarge

Best brushes for Colour Trend Wood Primer

I preferred the Corona brushes for this paint.

Also of importance, as time is a major consideration in my business, is how the brushes clean. Colourtrend compares favorably in this respect.

Colour Trend Water Based Eggshell

As a painter who specializes in the hand painting of furniture & kitchens, eggshell paint is one of the things I use the most. It’s ease of application & finish are vital.

This is somewhat of a first for me however, because when it comes to painting woodwork, I have always gone for oil based topcoats.

Colourtrend paintIt took a few passes for an oil man like myself to get used to the flow & consistency of a water-based eggshell. I soon got used to it though (with the help of my Proform Picasso short-grip brush) and after a while found it very easy to produce a superb finish and razor sharp lines…

These things are personal taste, but this paint has, by modern standards, a low sheen level, just what I like. Over the coming weeks, I will no doubt get a chance to test this product on furniture and I think the finish will be just what I’m looking for.

One down side. The brush will need the odd rinse over the course of a full day’s use, but this is a minor issue and common to acrylic based paints, even moreso on exterior work.

Complete system for woodwork

This trim application was done to full company specification, something I would always recommend to the D.I.Y painter. What I mean by full company specification is using products designed to be used together, from one company, from a bare substrate, in this case, pine, through to a finishing coat.

The woodwork received two coats of Colortrend Undercoat followed by two coats of Colortrend Eggshell, sanding with 320 grit between each coat.

It takes time for a pro-decorator to develop systems that he trusts with regard to primers, undercoats and topcoats, but I can see the possibilities with this paint system.

Verdict on Colortrend Paints – Recommended by My Hand Painted Furniture

colortrend paint Overall I was very impressed by the range of products on offer from Colortrend. As a specialist painter working in Ireland, it’s great to see a homegrown product of this quality aimed at my sector. A locally made trade paint competing with the multinationals. Progress!

At My Hand Painted Furniture the majority of the products I use would be oil based. After my week of testing Colortrend Paints, all water based, that traditional approach might change

Check out their website at www.colortrend.ie and for your next decorating project give Colortrend a try, I think you will be very pleased with the results.

Joseph & Sons kitchen painting furniture painting West IrelandSpecialist painter and decorator, Adam Bermingham, is a member of the Traditional Painter UK network. He is the first port of call for hand painted furniture and kitchens Ireland.

Joseph & Son is Adam & Tom Bermingham, a father & son team with diverse backgrounds covering specialist painting and decorating, antiques and interior design.


Happy Painting

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7 comments to “Colour Trend paint review : paint with passion”

  1. Charles Budd

    Cheers for sharing this Adam, I’ve got a couple of tester pots I haven’t tested yet! Good to know a ‘local’ paint is up there near the best.

  2. matt&gloss

    Im kitchen&furniture painter based on the west coast of Ireland.
    Paint mentioned as eggshell is in fact satinwood and is more sheeny c then another Colortrend product Historic eggshell. Both products are oil&water hybrids with exact same drying issue as F&B eggshells.

  3. Adam

    Give them a go Charlie, good stuff it is.

    With regard to a companies description of their own paint. What I like to do is give my readers an opinion of sheen level. In Ireland the most commonly used “Satinwood” would be Dulux & the the Colortrend Satinwood would have a more traditional eggshell sheen. That is why I described it in this way. Giving the DIYer a better idea.

    The tech guys at Colortrend tell me that it is unlike a hybrid paint & is better described as an Acrylic.

    I have had no drying issues with any of their products except in extreme conditions which is my own look out.

    Thanks for the comments people.

  4. matt&gloss

    Colortrend Satinwood is described in spec.sheet as alkyd low yellowing waterborne…
    And is rarely ready for second coat after 6 hours.

  5. Adam

    That is no doubt true. It’s great to see a fellow tradesman pay real attention to the materials they use. It’s rare these days.

    What are you using that re-coat within 6 hours?

  6. Tony O'Brien

    Where can I get Colortrend exterior paint in the U.K.?

  7. Andy Crichton

    I am not sure of availability but this is the Colortrend stockist list for the UK

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