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Cling On paint brushes from Holland

Listed under Blog, brushes, mypaintbrush.co.uk Posted May 29 2013

I received this information a while back from Frank Michielsen of Cling On paint brushes from Holland. Definitely an interesting concept – a Continental artist shape brush with a conventional square cut tip, also an oval sash.

I am a self-employed painter in Holland, for thirty years now and still enjoying the trade, but can only agree with you that governmental demands to the paint industry haven’t made our work easier! A decade ago Dutch painters had to meet new regulations, obliging painters to work indoors with waterbased paints only. For years we struggled with the poor quality of the paint brushes available, so much that it resulted in a aversion to my work indoors!

This in the end made me decide to make my own brushes.

After years of trying, testing and looking for production possibilities I finally entered the Dutch market with my own brand of paintbrushes in 2011, named “Cling On!”.

Cling On! paint brushes

In my opinion a top-quality paintbrush for waterbased paints, combining the best of both worlds: a round brush (which we in Holland are used to) with a flat top (which the rest of the world uses…).

The synthetic filaments are a blended mixture of specially dyed Dupont Tynex SRT and Dupont Orel SRT and provide excellent pick-up and release, sharp cutting-in, beautiful smooth coverage, a feel of comfort and excellent bend-recovery, cleanability and is very durable.

I would very much like to hear your comments to my brushes

From what Frank is saying, Cling On!’s share the same bristle blend as the Corona Cody, which we know gives a very fine finish in water based paint. And the bristles have a special self-cleaning coating for good measure? Sounds very interesting indeed.

When using them, it may be useful to know a couple of features and tricks to get the most out of them.

Preparing brush ready for use

Please note that they are merged in water for a little while, before using them for the first time. It will give the filaments the right flex, which will only improve as you use them for a prolonged period.

You’ll notice that, however they are round, they will get a nice oval brush head when painting.

When you’re done painting just keep them hanging in water (not touching the bottom). The next day almost all paint will have left the brush. Just shake out the remaining water and you’re ready to go!

This procedure is very similar to that explained to me by another Dutch company, Hilderings, who design and manufacture the Clean and Go! brush keeper.

More on cleaning Cling On brushes

I found that my brushes keep in shape the best when they stay wet all the time.

I designed a * brush keeper that allows them to hang “with their feet” in the water overnight.

Cling On! Brushkeeper

Due to the special dying treatment of my Cling On brushes the adhesion of paint to the filaments is minimal. Hanging in the water the filaments suck up the water just up to the ferrule where the paint dissolves and sinks into the water.

This way my brushes are always moist and ready for use and are only to be cleaned any further (in seconds!)when changing colours.

It also ensures that no residue of paint near the ferrule can dry and harden and in this way preserves the shape of my brush.

If you are interested, look at my website http://www.clingon.nl and look for specialties under “assortment”.

This “self-cleaning” prophecy was proven to be fairly accurate by TP South Wales specialist Matt Evans.

I’d probably agree with that, the bulk of paint does settle to the bottom and stops that build up drying like usual. I’ve not used or seen in the flesh the Cling On storage, so couldn’t comment entirely about it, but with the grid at the bottom of the Clean and Go and the lip to the side, it does remove most of the paint. With the additional storage in water there is not much left on the brush when you come to use it again – a quick rinse in some clean water to be sure, and you can change colours easily.

If I remember correctly I think I saw that the Cling On brushes had some kind of release, so when they were stored the paint just fell off. How well this works, I couldn’t say, but from my experience I’d imagine (the brush and the brushkeeper combination) would be just as good.

How did the Cling On brushes perform?

Traditional Painter in Worcestershire, Martin Guest’s review of Cling On! brushes He didn’t like the handles, but a 7/10 overall would be a fair summary of his review. Bear in mind, he is comparing it to the best (mainly American) professional synthetic brushes on the market, so it is still a pretty good brush in his opinion.

Mark Nash used Cling On brushes on a painted kitchen in Clifton. Again he mentioned the handles – questioned the shape and slippy painted finish – but he did like how they fared on cornice and T&G. Thought the bristles could have been a bit softer. He has added them to his kit bag for future use.

The shape of the bristles didn’t raise too many eyebrows, as the brush seemed to cut a straight line, as expected.

I will add links to reviews completed by my TP colleagues and happy to add the thoughts of others who have also used the brushes.

MyPaintbrush_logo-150* Cling On paint brushes are now on sale at My Paint Brush online store.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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22 comments to “Cling On paint brushes from Holland”

  1. Diane Terranova

    Good morning. Excited about reading info on your brushes. Would love to bring them into my store. I would like info on hold sale account or if u have distributor in United States. Than u my is 559-686-3350 I’m in central California

  2. Diane Terranova

    Hello. Very excited about your brushes. I am interested I. Getting info to wholesale the brushes in my retail store in Clovis , California. Vintage paints & plasters. Can u send me contact info for United states thank u so much. Look forward to getting info. Diane Terranova. Cell 559-696-3350

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    I am very interested in carrying your Cling On brushes in my 3 locations, and in my online store. Please let me know what your requirements are for becoming a retailer.

    Thanks so much!

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