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Restore PVC and bring back the whiteness – Fluxaf PVCu Restorer

Listed under Blog, cleaning, Fluxaf Posted Apr 15 2014

upvc fluxaf 2It is that time of year to think of your exterior windows. Wood or galvanised, there is plenty of information on how to treat those. But restore PVC and bring back the whiteness?

You may remember that once upon a dream, uPVC was heralded as the answer to zero maintenance windows, but surprise surprise, as usual, PVC is a definitive solution that comes with its own set of problems.

PVC doesn’t like the sun. So, short of replacement, which is costly and inconvenient, what other solutions are available to rectify the sun’s damage?

One solution is to paint uPVC.

Restore PVC

Another approach that we like, for several reasons, is to restore PVC.

This is uPVC Restorer from Dutch brand Fluxaf, who have a super range of cleaning and stripping products for decorators.

Fluxaf pvcu restorer
Fluxaf PVCu Restorer is quite a clever product, to put it mildly; tough on UV damage, quick and easy to use, and it rinses off safely in water.

Clean v restore

One thing to explain sooner rather than later is the difference between a cleaner and a restorer. It is incorrect to assume that any good cleaner or degreaser will have the same effect as a restorer and make PVC white and sparkly. No, the formulations are different.

As an example of horses for specific courses, Fluxaf’s excellent Pro Clean degreaser cleaner would remove any dirt quickly and simply from the PVC frames, but it would not restore the damaged surface to new. Why?

Its ingredients don’t have the ability to remove damaged PVC from the surface, to reveal the white underneath.

The PVCu Restorer on the other hand, does what it says on the tin. It will break down the surface layer of sun-affected dull, yellow, damaged PVCu, and restore PVC, bringing back the whiteness. Cleaners are not restorers and vice versa. Take a look.

Fluxaf PVCu restorer

The PVC windows behind the shutter haven’t been damaged by the sun because they rarely see the sun.
The outside frame, normally exposed to the sun has been degreased and rinsed.
The bottom cross piece of the shutter, normally exposed to the sun has been treated with the PVCu Restorer.

A quick flick of the trigger, leave for one minute, and then wipe down with the wet chamois. The Restorer was breaking down the damaged “yellow” PVC on the surface. Once rinsed down with clean water, the surface is neutralised and you are looking at literally a new PVC surface.

Another advantage over a cleaner is that once restored, the PVC surface seems noticeably smoother than surfaces that are simply washed down and cleaned thoroughly. The smoother the surface, the less likely it will attract the dust and dirt going forward.

Please remember

– Do not use abrasive pads on PVC as this damages the surface.

– Do not use a restorer on new PVC as it will remove the gloss finish.

– Use a cleaner on new glossy PVC, use a restorer once the PVC has, in effect, lost its gloss to the sun’s rays!

How to restore the gloss on PVC

To revive the enhanced “factory finish” gloss immediately after PVC has been restored, you need an additional product. Caravan owners use car body wax.

Once restored (and possibly waxed) the PVC requires regular cleaning with a good degreasing cleaner. You should expect that it will eventually be damaged by the sun over time, and go yellow again.

Cover yourself up, these are chemicals!

hand protectionThis Restorer is good stuff and proven and biodegradable! And like any product with a solvent, take simple precautions – wear a coverall, eye protection and gloves, you never know.

Although biodegradable products like this are safe to wash away, it is always best to assume that any cleaning liquid that dissolves dirt or grease may affect your skin or eyes!

Availability of Fluxaf cleaners and degreasers

Check online suppliers like MyPaintBrush for Fluxaf restorer, cleaners and degreasers,

Alternative PVCu Restorers

There are alternative cleaners suitable for PVC, but not too many restorers.

You see products labelled clean and restore, if they do restore (as in remove the damaged top layer of uPVC), you should be careful on new uPVC. Google is your friend.

Owatrol Polytrol will restore colour on plastics, but DO NOT USE ON WHITE SURFACES

Some criteria for best products

You can go round and round finding what is the “best” but as a consumer, and from our growing experience at Traditional Painter, there is more to a good product than a good product.

I would particularly recommend this Fluxaf PVCu Restorer because

– the product works

– not only does it work but it is super simple to use. There is no race against time as with other products that need to be applied by cloth and wiped off before they dry out super fast in a draught or in the sun

– it is easy to get a hold of Fluxaf products, no jumping through hoops or waiting for supplies. This criterion is often overlooked in a list of what makes a product really outstanding value and useful.

– super customer support. Fluxaf are such a positive and dynamic company to deal with. They ask, listen and act very fairly.

– A high calibre company. In a competitive market, Fluxaf do not use negative marketing and scare tactics to get their point across. They are pragmatic and their manufacturer Vliegenthart has been going 170+ years and are behind so many cleaning brands, supplying technical expertise and ingredients worldwide to household names. That is a super team to have a working relationship with.

A lesson to all companies trying to raise the bar in UK decorating.

Tip for an add-on service

For decorators, window cleaners, fitters, what a great little add-on service while you work on exteriors – restore uPVC frames, a front door.

While nobody is looking! Whip out your spray bottle, a quick squirt, wait a minute for it to work, then wipe and rinse. A neat addition to the overall finishing touches of your service.

From there, you have the option to wax and polish restored uPVC surfaces too, but that is one for you to work out.

What next?

Any questions leave a comment, or check out the Fluxaf page listing their products.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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4 comments to “Restore PVC and bring back the whiteness – Fluxaf PVCu Restorer”

  1. rob ramage

    Does the fluxal restorer come in a larger bottle and is there a stockists in Scotland

  2. robert bates

    I have mahogany finished window frames and the sill has lost its coating from the sun. How can I restore the gloss finish?

  3. Janis scoble

    My bathroom windowsill that is in a south position has a yellow stain on it about6 inches in size. I do not know how this occurred and would like to get rid of it.
    Do you have any suggestions.Many thanks

  4. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    Is it a wooden sill?

    If so, the sun has drawn out resin from a knot in the wood. The painting solution requires you to sand the affected area to a solid base and seal it Zinsser BIN shellac primer, two coats. Make up the level with fine surface filler and repaint the whole sill.

    In some instances, you may not be able to stop the staining reappear, BIN is the best product but sometimes heat will get the better of it.

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