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Classes in decorative paint finishes in Perth, Scotland

Listed under Annie Sloan, Blog, classes, hand-painted furniture Posted Jan 24 2012

The Carte Blanche workshop in Perth, Scotland, is where working professionals, Cait and Gibson, give classes in decorative paint finishes. Techniques include graining, marbling, and faux wall finishes. Classes are suitable for professional decorators and keen DIY painters, artists.

Cait Whitson, who is one of the trusted specialist kitchen painters I have listed on this site, has sent me details of the next few months’ agenda, and there is certainly something for everyone:

one-day furniture painting classes, using Annie Sloan chalk paints; 5-day intensive graining & marbling courses; and short/open day/evening classes where you can pop in and try your hand at various paint finishes. With plenty of tea and good food available, to maintain your artistic flair, all the bases seem to be well covered.

About Carte Blanche

Just by taking a look at the Carte Blanche portfolio and their testimonials, you can see that the professional painters, artists and DIY enthusiasts taught in their classes are getting some of the best tuition possible.

Cait is passionate about her craft, and she willingly shares her knowledge of furniture painting and decorative finishing – taught me a thing or two about Annie Sloan chalk paint, I can tell you! and she is definitely in the top league with some of the materials and techniques that she uses in her regular work.

The fact that she is invited regularly to the USA to give classes, should also tell you that she has a great deal of enthusiasm, expertise and classroom presence. And plenty of energy too for teaching willing American students how to recreate some of the finishes currently supplied by the Carte Blanche team of professionals.

Meanwhile, back in Perth over the next few months, short classes are £15-£30, day classes £80 and the week long courses £550.

£550 isn’t a bad investment in a new career or a lucrative new sidearm to a painting business! A course with Cait; keep up to speed on preparation and base coats by reading posts on this site; if you get stuck mid-marble, ask questions via Twitter and forums – the specialist side of the painting world is your faux oyster!

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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3 comments to “Classes in decorative paint finishes in Perth, Scotland”

  1. Samantha Sedgwick

    Hi there
    Just wondered when the next week long course of Caits and day course is in Perth?
    Many thanks
    Sam Sedgwick

  2. Lois Smith

    Can you upcycle a piece of furniture for me in my house?

  3. Marilyn Baker

    We are looking for a teacher to offer a day long workshop in Annie Sloan techniques at Braemar Creative Arts Festival in October:Festival runs from 18th – 22nd.
    We offer travel and other expenses plus £35 per hour tuition.
    If you can help please email to the address above and I would be happy to give you more information.
    Many thanks,
    Marilyn Baker

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