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How to restore a chest of drawers

Adam Bermingham, Blog, hand-painted furniture, Wooster

Traditional Painter for Ireland, Adam Bermingham discusses the method behind how to restore a chest of drawers with a traditional beeswax finish for the top and hand painted drawers and carcass. If I could finish every piece in the workshop this way, I would. It’s a pleasure to carry out the work and the results are Read More

How paint walls with Wooster roller kit

Blog, Equipment, Painting, Wooster

In my opinion, this is the “best kit for painting walls and ceilings” I recommended it at the Tried and Tested stand at the July 2011 TDS Trade Show, and updating this article in 2014, still this system holds up. It really is a high quality no-brainer setup for painters who just want kit that Read More

Refinishing and hand painting chest of drawers

Adam Bermingham, Blog, brushes, hand-painted furniture, Wooster

Adam Bermingham, Traditional Painter in Roscommon, Ireland fills us in on the process of refinishing & hand painting a chest of drawers… Hand painted Chest of drawers – Before After I bought this piece at an outdoor market in Longford town last year from a man in the house clearance business – a goldmine for Read More

Brushes for acrylic trim paint

Blog, brushes, Corona, mypaintbrush.co.uk, Ron Taylor, Wooster

This is the second Ron Taylor article on best brushes. Brushes for acrylic trim paint has got to be the most difficult of articles because of the finish expected by customers and painters alike. Which brush for which paint? We are talking acrylic paint, not hybrid paint (assorted variations of water-borne). Also, the question of Read More

Best brushes for emulsion and acrylic paint on walls and ceilings

Blog, brushes, Corona, mypaintbrush.co.uk, Ron Taylor, Wooster

This is one of two articles by Ron Taylor, Traditional Painter for Warwickshire about best brushes – for emulsion and acrylic paint on walls and ceilings. Ron gives some background to the main variables that can affect your choice of brush for various wall and ceiling paint. He has persevered with many brushes and water-based Read More

Paint Plus Armour Guard v Johnstones oil satin & water-based satin

Blog, Eco, Martin Dunn, paint, Wooster

Paint Plus Armour Guard is of New Zealand origin. Water-based satin, requires no primer or undercoat, dries tough, interior and exterior quality, and won’t go yellow. It seems to be the paint of choice in top London hotels where its fast drying qualities and low odour enable quick turn arounds of hotel rooms. That is Read More

First impressions of Wooster FTP angle Oval Sash paint brush

Blog, brushes, Corona, mypaintbrush.co.uk, Wooster

Wooster Brushes are taking a concerted tilt at the popular Proform Picasso with 3 angled Oval Sash brushes: the FTP OS, the Alpha OS and the Silver Tip OS. When I was asked to test out the FTP, apart from thinking, How lucky are we decorators to live in an age of true competition between Read More

Best brush for DIY painters

Blog, brushes, cleaning, mypaintbrush.co.uk, Wooster

For DIY painters looking for best brush, it can be a confusing time. Bottom line, no single brush is best in all paint – there are hundreds of brushes on the market, all with some merit, so it can be a bewildering time searching for brushes that are good quality and suited to your task Read More

In the Workshop 1 – My Hand Painted Furniture Roscommon

Adam Bermingham, Blog, hand-painted furniture, Wooster

This article is part of a weekly feature from the blog of My Hand Painted Furniture Roscommon Traditional painter for Ireland, Adam Bermingham. I am going to write this type of post to let you all know what’s been going on in the workshop during the week, the pieces I’m working on and what stage Read More
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