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Scot Hindley

Scuff-X from Benjamin Moore

Blog, paint, Ron Taylor, Scot Hindley, spray painting

Scuff-X from Benjamin Moore has captured the interest of a fair few decorators in the UK. Ron Taylor Traditional Painter for Warwickshire has been putting it through its paces over recent months. These are his findings so far. Following that is my Traditional Painter take on one of the manufacturers’ claims about Scuff-X features. Benjamin Read More

Spray paint a wooden kitchen in Cheadle

Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Scot Hindley, spray painting

Traditional Painter Scot Hindley took an enquiry to spray paint a wooden kitchen in Cheadle. Emails were sent back and forth and it became apparent that the client wanted him to respray rather than hand paint the finish. Scot is an expert paint sprayer, and over a couple of visits he discussed the processes and Read More

paint a wooden kitchen in Manchester

Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Ron Taylor, Scot Hindley, spray painting

Traditional Painter, Scot Hindley, takes us through this project to paint a wooden kitchen in Manchester. Scot is an expert at hand-painted finishes, but one of his specialities is spraying, which is just as well, as the clients specifically requested a sprayed finish. The clients from Prestwich, Manchester, contacted me via the Traditional Painter website Read More

Cheshire spray painting ceilings, walls and woodwork

Associates, Blog, Ron Taylor, Scot Hindley, spray painting

Spray painting in residential settings is no easy task, with quite a few challenges, but experts like Scot Hindley in Cheshire, and other Traditional Painters around the country, have the experience and the right equipment to judge which approach is best (spray, roller or brush) to meet the challenges. Right tool for the job In Read More

hand painted kitchen specialist in Cheshire

Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Scot Hindley

Traditional Painter’s hand painted kitchen specialist in Cheshire, Scot Hindley is the latest expert to join our trusted band of kitchen and furniture painters. As you may know, this website is home to 20+ independent professional kitchen painters who are currently working in most areas of the UK. Members of the public, and trade, with Read More

Filling big holes in plasterboard

Blog, preparation, Scot Hindley

Scot Hindley, Associate painter and Decorator in Cheshire had a good experience with Gyproc Plasterboard Patches, for filling big holes in plasterboard. Here are some big holes in plasterboard. There are a few ways to tackle this, but Scot had some of these patches. As Scot explains Inside the packet you get a number of Read More

Glass bead wallpaper in Mottram St Andrews

Blog, Scot Hindley, wallcoverings

Scot Hindley is Traditional Painter’s Associate Painter and Decorator in Cheshire. He explains how he prepared and decorated a hall stairs and landing with Mylands paints and glass bead wallpaper in Mottram St Andrews. The property was only built two years ago for my new clients, and was all painted out in white, leaving a Read More

Traditional Painter Cheshire Q&A

Blog, Scot Hindley, TP Team

I asked Scot Hindley, Traditional Painter Cheshire and Manchester, a few questions, to provide some background to how he arrived at this point in his career. What part of the UK do you cover for Traditional Painter? Based in Stockport, I cover East Cheshire and Manchester. At what age did you first wield a paint Read More
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