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Professional finish on bare timber using water-based paint only

Blog, Painting, preparation

Update from April 2011. To many in the decorating trade it is not possible to achieve a Professional finish on bare timber using water-based paint only. Discussions about painting bare timber using water-based paint only, still usually conclude with – you can’t beat oil for a base coat. True – usually. Usually, for a good Read More

Axus lime roller sleeves and Axus

Blog, Olfa, Painting

In an article Mini rollers that rock, the Axus lime sleeves were one of several reliable products in the quiver of Martin Guest. They engender superlatives in terms of finish and paint pick up. There has been a lot of contrasting opinion written about the Axus lime sleeves, though. About Axus Decor, who listen to Read More

Restoring a glass panel door part 2

Blog, Mythic paint, Painting, preparation

This is a follow up to an article on how to restore a glass panel door. It is a modern door, but did it ever need restoring, after the builders and previous painters had finished with it! I would suggest this poor standard of finish is commonplace on new woodwork throughout UK, but it needn’t Read More

Painting attention to detail with joints

Blog, Painting, products

There is a big difference between a professional job and a DIY one: sharp lines v wobbly ones, smooth surfaces v lumps and bits… I try to take a good professional job another level higher, by paying more attention to detail than the last decorator. Hairline cracks in joints If you look up at the Read More

Hildering Roll ‘n’ Go paint kettles – Go!Paint

Blog, hildering, Painting

Christmas came around again for several Traditional painters – a delivery of 3 Hildering Roll ‘n’ Go paint kettles for mini rollers. Time to check the product from talented Dutch painting kit designers. Updated at end of article with insights from the designer on the thinking behind the Go!Paint Roll ‘n’ Go Pelican, Roll ‘n’ Read More

Efficient painting and decorating – 1

Blog, Equipment, Painting

This is the first in series articles on Efficient painting and decorating. As far as I am concerned, quality comes before quantity and speed. However, if you can program yourself to work as efficiently as possible, while maintaining the highest standards, you have arrived! I believe that with the decorating kit, materials and knowledge at Read More

How to paint plaster walls with emulsion

Blog, Mirka, Mythic paint, paint, Painting, Toupret

If you watch a consummate professional painter like Jack Pauhl in action, you would be forgiven for thinking that emulsioning walls is easy. It is, if you know as much as he does. Read on for a few tips on how to paint plaster walls with emulsion. To get it right, you need to constantly Read More

Proform Picasso in UK from MyPaintBrush.co.uk

Blog, brushes, mypaintbrush.co.uk, Painting

Good news for all UK fans of the Picasso paint brush – once again Proform Picasso is on sale and readily available in many different formats from MyPaintBrush.co.uk. The almost famous Picasso PIC-1 “carrot top” orange synthetic bristle brush is the only angled oval brush in production. It was originally brought to our attention by Read More

Best oil-based gloss paint for exterior woodwork on period property

Blog, Painting

What is the best oil-based gloss paint for exterior woodwork on period property? Is that even a relevant question in eco friendly times? Increasingly, decorating specialists who repair and paint exterior woodwork on period property (sash windows and front doors etc) use premium acrylic paint and hybrid paint. However, oil-based gloss paint still has its Read More

Airless spray acrylic paint on trim

Blog, Painting, Ron Taylor, spray painting

An introduction to Airless spray acrylic paint on trim explained by Ron Taylor. Ron first started using acrylic trim paints in 2004, and is now an authority in the UK on the application of water-based paints with brush, roller and spray.  If you can master an airless or air assisted airless (AAA), you can do Read More
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