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Decorating and the Covid-19 crisis

Blog, Painting

This is a chronological continuation of a trip down memory lane with Traditional Painter articles from 2008. Hopefully they provoke some thoughts about Decorating and the Covid-19 crisis. A simple referral system for tradesmen This second ever article published on the Traditional Painter website is a little longer than the first one. It outlines a Read More

Traditional Painter articles 2008-2020

Blog, Marketing, paint, Painting

This is a trip back and forth between Traditional Painter articles 2008 and the current day! It starts from day one, October 2008, 3 years before the Traditional Painter network of kitchen painters was launched. Where appropriate, there are updates to what is relevant in 2020. The original content is pretty much left intact, but Read More

The joy of osmo oil – let’s do wood some good!

Blog, Martin Dunn, Osmo, Painting

This article about the uses of Osmo oil for treating wood, was written by Traditional Painter for Stafford, Martin Dunn. As a former college lecturer and assessor, he has a great deal of indepth information to share. Osmo oil on interior timber, worktops and furniture Over the last couple of years I have been using Read More

Why emulsion paint crazes over acrylic caulk?

Blog, newlife paint, Painting

Emulsion paint crazes over acrylic caulk. User error? Maybe. But it can happen, even if you go by the book, and is an issue that, 30 years on, is still quoted as “a new one on us” by paint manufacturers. Here is some information on caulk, how to use it in general decorating, and for Read More

Flawless paint finish

Adam Bermingham, Axus, Blog, Painting

In this post Traditional Painter’s man in Ireland, Adam Bermingham, unlocks some of the secrets to achieving the professional Flawless paint finish that professionals and D.I.Y enthusiasts strive for. What kit does he use? Where does he buy it? How does he use it to best effect? On a number of recent contracts I have Read More

Eico Alterior Gloss

Blog, Painting, Ron Taylor

Ron Taylor has been working with the water-borne Eico Alterior Gloss, a very low VOC 100% acrylic paint from Iceland. Eicó, with an accent on the “o”, do produce a fairly wide product range, what is this gloss like? First impressions The 2.5 litre  product comes in a sturdy and useful tin, which serves as Read More

Exterior Painting tips: Part II

Blog, Painting, Ron Taylor

This is Ron Taylor’s second blog on the subject of exterior painting tips, and he goes through two different jobs, completed back to back, with different requirements. Both properties were on main roads. The first one being set back behind a line of trees, the other directly on the street. If I was using an Read More

Different ways to use Erecta-Rack drying rack

Blog, erecta rack, hand-painted kitchen, Painting

Following on from the information on the Erecta Rack system. As I explained, it has been used and worked on for several years by some very sharp painters we know in the USA – they have used it successfully and regularly on new site work, also set it up within a full workshop, and of Read More

Paint uPVC windows with Dulux Weathershield Quick Dry Satin

Blog, cleaning, Painting, preparation

A lot of good info came out as the result of a question asked by a homeowner about how to paint uPVC windows with Dulux Weathershield Quick Dry Satin. (Homeowner emails…) 2-3 Years ago I bought a tin of the above paint with the intention of using it on some white UPVC windows, with International Read More

How paint walls with Wooster roller kit

Blog, Equipment, Painting, Wooster

In my opinion, this is the “best kit for painting walls and ceilings” I recommended it at the Tried and Tested stand at the July 2011 TDS Trade Show, and updating this article in 2014, still this system holds up. It really is a high quality no-brainer setup for painters who just want kit that Read More
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