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Mark Nash

Do you paint furniture?

Blog, hand-painted furniture, Mark Nash, Martin Dunn, Richard Willott, Ron Taylor

Traditional Painter members tend to be painting wooden kitchens most days. However we are regularly asked, do you paint furniture? Yes, we do! And do you paint caravans? It depends. And war memorials? Let’s talk! Can you paint a wooden stool? I received an enquiry from the London area, about painting a stool. As far Read More

Mr Nash hand-painted kitchens London and Tikkurila paint

Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Holman Specialist Paints, Mark Nash, tikkurila

Mark Nash is a master kitchen painter. For many years he has hand-painted kitchens from London to Marlborough to the Cotswolds, using Tikkurila paint. Updated 2017 Tikkurila paint is, in my opinion, the best waterborne paint available for painting kitchen cabinets. But if you’re used to solvent based products, it takes time to master. See Read More

Binzys Furniture painting Emporium Marlborough

Blog, hand-painted furniture, Mark Nash

Mark “Binzy” Nash was the first specialist kitchen and furniture painter to join the Traditional Painter team in 2011, and the new Binzy’s Furniture Painting Emporium Marlborough promises to bring the general public in touch with the very best aspects of our craft. When Mark mentioned last year about plans to open a furniture painting Read More

Paint a kitchen white – and then again

Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Mark Nash, Martin Guest, Ron Taylor

As far as the topic of handpainted work is concerned, Paint a kitchen white or paint pine furniture white is one of the most searched terms on Google! That surprises me, I would have thought it was “off-white” which in itself is noteworthy to me, knowing how many colours there are to choose from. Holman Read More

How can I open a tin of Tikkurila

Blog, Holman Specialist Paints, Mark Nash, tikkurila

I can’t tell you how many people have told me “Those Tikkurila paint lids, ridiculous.” or “How can I open a tin of Tikkurila without shredding my fingers?” This short video from Operation Control shows exactly how to open a tin with the tabs, and it takes nothing but a screwdriver and minimal effort and Read More

Refurbish Mark Wilkinson oak kitchen – days 3,4 and 5.

Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Mark Nash, tikkurila

This is the 3rd, 4th and 5th days of Mark Nash’s project: a 20 year old Mark Wilkinson oak kitchen refurbished and painted. Once the preparation has been completed on the kitchen units, it’s the pleasant task of applying the layers of paint or coatings. What’s the difference, you may say, between a paint and Read More

Mark Wilkinson oak kitchen refurbished and painted – 2

Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Mark Nash, preparation, tikkurila

This is the second day of Mark Nash’s project: a 20 year old Mark Wilkinson oak kitchen refurbished and painted. Have decided to paint this kitchen in two parts for various reasons. Yesterday was a good day with a fair amount of preparation completed. A few rough bits needed a little more attention and sanding, Read More

Oak painted kitchen in Stoke Poges

Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Holman Specialist Paints, Mark Nash

Mark Nash explains how he went about transforming a clear-lacquered oak kitchen into a stunning oak painted kitchen in Stoke Poges. My second job of the year was in Stoke Poges, meaning “stockaded place“, was also used for filming two James Bond movies: Goldfinger and For Your Eyes Only, very English, very quaint. The kitchen Read More

Paint brushes for hand painting kitchens

Blog, brushes, hand-painted kitchen, Mark Nash

Mark Nash is one the most experienced, and best kitchen painters working in the UK, and he emptied his pockets to show us a few of his paint brushes for hand-painted kitchen work. Can you identify them, from 1 to 21? Answers on a postcard, (or in a comment is probably easier.) Mark will be Read More

How to get perfect paint finish on wood with Tikkurila Feelings

Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Mark Nash, paint, tikkurila, video

Mark Nash, master kitchen painter, explains how he uses a garden sprayer to get a perfect paint finish on wood with Tikkurila Feelings water-borne paint. As Mark explains, the secret to the garden sprayer is in the nozzle size, it must be superfine. Also don’t use softened water. And he obviously recommends Tikkurila Feelings water-borne Read More
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