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Mythic primer over oil-based paint

Blog, Eco, paint

I put together a fairly detailed explanation of how we used Mythic eco paints to redecorate the exterior woodwork on an older property that had previously been painted with oil-based gloss. The Mythic water-based primer is very high adhesion, comparable I think to Zinsser Coverstain oil based primer over oil painted surfaces, and I would Read More

Mythic semi gloss review

Blog, Eco, Mythic paint, paint

Mythic offer eggshell, semi gloss or gloss for interior trim or eggshell or semi gloss for exterior trim. This is a Mythic semi gloss review. I reviewed the Mythic latex primer, here, and have slightly amended it based on recent usage. However, I still say it is an outstanding primer. Over bare MDF it goes Read More

Professionally processed recycled paints – NEWLIFE paints

Blog, Eco, paint

On a post about eco paints I metioned Newlife who actually recycle trade paints – and from experience, very good their emulsion is too. Equal to Dulux in terms of coverage at a fraction of the price. I received this further info from Lucy Hoy of their marketing department, just so we know where the Read More

Eco paint – Mythic paint reviews

Blog, Eco, Mythic paint, paint

There is eco and there is eco. Mythic makes some pretty big claims about the eco credentials of their paint – no VOC, no toxin, no odour, high performance. What’s not to like. Mythic paint reviews reveal if they are true?! If you take the bones out of these Mythic paint reviews, which, based on Read More

Mythic paint review – primer

Blog, Eco, Mythic paint, paint

I have been testing Mythic here for a while, with plenty of encouragement and fantastic tech support from Mythic UK. (This was in the TDS days, sadly no more.) Mythic is American, relatively new to USA, and very new to UK. My understanding is that the paint system was developed as a result of 9-11, Read More

Eco paint news round-up

Blog, Eco, Mythic paint, paint

I regularly come across sites and products related to eco painting and decorating. Some ideas are positive, whereas others, to me, just endorse the lip service mentality of monolithic chemical companies who don’t really care about the environment, if it hits their bottom line. Here is an eco paint news round-up. Community RePaint This recycling Read More

Efficient painting and decorating – no white spirit please

Blog, Eco, Owatrol, paint

As far as I am concerned, quality comes before quantity and speed. However, if you can program yourself to work as efficiently as possible, while maintaining the highest standards, you have arrived! If you take a long hard look at everything you do and all the kit you use, you begin to see room for Read More

Abranet evolution

abranet, Blog, Eco, Mirka, Numatic, preparation

Abranet is a fantastic revolutionary abrasive that sands quickly, and beautifully. It comes in all shapes and sizes and grades, and keeps the air almost clear of dust when hooked up to a vacuum extractor. But it isn’t perfect when used on a random orbital sander to sand down very dusty / powdery surfaces. This Read More

Trial Newlife acrylic eggshell- a new green paint

Blog, Eco, paint, suppliers

In this day and age of eco green enviro responsibility, painters are being repeatedly bombarded with new ranges of slickly marketed low VOC, odourless, water soluble, hybrid paint products. I had a chance to trial Newlife acrylic eggshell. In comparison to the big hitters in the paint industry, Newlife Paints are a minnow, yet in Read More

Green paint products – a minefield

Blog, Eco, Marketing, Mythic paint, paint

Over the years I have used all sorts of green paint products. Think Safer Stripper, low odour acrylic paints and granola friendly wood treatments. However my complaint is that, with a few exceptions, Green paint products or “green stuff” doesn’t seem to function or last as well as the traditional unfriendlier products. Green paint products Read More
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