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Paint Shield trim and edging kit

Blog, Painting, products

This is a review of the Paint Shield trim and edging kit from Dave Karroll at Quic Keypaint. The mini roller has a gasket on the end, and I thought the premise was that this design will let you roll tight against skirtings and ceiling lines, and eradicate the need for cutting in with a Read More

Gloss paint a front door and add stained glass

Blog, Mark Nash, Painting, products

This sharp looking 1930’s front door with a stained glass light didn’t look like this originally. Fortunately the homeowner called in master painter, Mark Nash to do something with it. This 1930’s door was in bad state of disrepair. The panel at the top was one big piece of plain glass. Not now it’s not, Read More

Patina – Best sealer to protect mahogany worktop

Blog, products

What is the best sealer to protect mahogany worktop? One option is definitely Patina. For 20 years I have been using a wood care product called Patina to seal and protect mahogany worktops, oak hand rails, pine tables… if it is wood, don’t oil it, wax it or French Polish it, Patina it! This is Read More

tip of caulk tube

Blog, products

The tip on a 400ml caulk tube is generally sealed, so you can cut the end as small or as large as you like. However, the tip on a 300ml (retail size) tube of Soudal acryrub caulk, or any 300ml tube for that matter, seems to come with a small hole preformed in the end. Read More

Trimaco green masking tape

Blog, Masking tape, preparation, products

Trimaco do a massive range of masking tape, masking paper, protective plastic, tape dispensers. This Trimaco green masking tape is about 70% on the high tack scale. And is good for 7 days. For masking along the edge of carpets against the baseboard / skirting, the green Trimaco tape seems equal in stick and usefulness Read More

Mirka CEROS sander for conscientious painters & decorators

abranet, Blog, Mirka, products

The Mirka CEROS sander uses revolutionary Abranet abrasives, and connects to a vacuum, extracting about 95% of the dust from source. This combination of sander, hi-tech abrasive and vacuum extraction ensures cleaner work areas and improved quality of preparation work, especially on ceilings and walls – what’s not to like?! What’s not to like about Read More

Pressure paint roller

Blog, Equipment, paint, products

Update I have been looking over a house re-decorating job that involves painting about 1000m2 of ceiling and wall area. I am looking into the benefits of using a pressure paint roller / power roller to apply the paint to the walls. The fastest ways to apply paint to internal plastered walls and ceilings Depending Read More

Dust free sanding with Abranet

abranet, Blog, Mirka, preparation, products

Mirka’s Abranet sanding system is almost, but not completely dust free. (When you sand a flat area, it is dust free, but as you near an edge, dust is pushed off the edge, beyond the reach of the suction.) The videos show a) how abrasive Abranet actually is. and b) how effective it is at Read More

Specialist paint products – don’t forget Europe

Blog, Mirka, products, suppliers

When looking for up-to-the-minute or alternative specialist paint products and painting ideas, we painters are no different from the rest of the British population and tend to look across the Atlantic for inspiration. We are missing a trick. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen plenty of evidence that the North Americans have many fantastic Read More

Little greene flat oil paint for listed buildings

Blog, Little Greene, paint, products

Patrick Baty of Papers and Paints in Chelsea told me recently about Little Greene flat oil paint. (In simple terms, it is an oil based version of matt emulsion.) Andy, I don’t know if you are aware that we still sell Little Greene Flat Oil paint. It’s excellent paint. The only problem nowadays is that Read More
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