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Corona Brush UK – about natural bristle brushes

Blog, brushes, Corona

I asked Tony Hiscocks of Corona Brush UK, some questions about China bristle brushes, the decorating trade’s favourite brush for pretty much the whole of time – till water-based paint for woodwork came along. Pure bristle brush perfection in 2013? Is it fair to say that with changes in farming practices and economic shifts in Read More

Best brushes for painting kitchen cabinets

Axus, Blog, brushes, Corona, Ron Taylor

Traditional Painter in Warwickshire, Ron Taylor explains about his best brushes for painting kitchen cabinets. They can be a little different to the brushes he would use day-to-day, painting walls, doors, frames, etc. I’ve used a lot of different brushes over the years, maybe too many but I generally stick with 3 or 4 brushes Read More

Best brush for oil based primers

Blog, brushes, Corona, Ron Taylor

Traditional Painter and brush fanatic, Ron Taylor, reveals his best brush for oil based primer, based on his experience over the years. When Andy Crichton asked me to do a Paint Brush Review for brushes in specific paints, I thought, great, I’d love to do that. Then I went away and thought how do I Read More

How to restore a wooden cupboard with a hand painted finish

Adam Bermingham, Blog, Corona, hand-painted furniture

Traditional Painter in Roscommon, Adam Bermingham provides a detailed description of the process of how to restore a wooden cupboard with a hand painted finish. Priming, sanding, filling & final top coats all played an important part in achieving the overall finish of this hand painted wooden cupboard. Don’t get it all right and it Read More

Brushes for acrylic trim paint

Blog, brushes, Corona, mypaintbrush.co.uk, Ron Taylor, Wooster

This is the second Ron Taylor article on best brushes. Brushes for acrylic trim paint has got to be the most difficult of articles because of the finish expected by customers and painters alike. Which brush for which paint? We are talking acrylic paint, not hybrid paint (assorted variations of water-borne). Also, the question of Read More

Best brushes for emulsion and acrylic paint on walls and ceilings

Blog, brushes, Corona, mypaintbrush.co.uk, Ron Taylor, Wooster

This is one of two articles by Ron Taylor, Traditional Painter for Warwickshire about best brushes – for emulsion and acrylic paint on walls and ceilings. Ron gives some background to the main variables that can affect your choice of brush for various wall and ceiling paint. He has persevered with many brushes and water-based Read More

First impressions of Wooster FTP angle Oval Sash paint brush

Blog, brushes, Corona, mypaintbrush.co.uk, Wooster

Wooster Brushes are taking a concerted tilt at the popular Proform Picasso with 3 angled Oval Sash brushes: the FTP OS, the Alpha OS and the Silver Tip OS. When I was asked to test out the FTP, apart from thinking, How lucky are we decorators to live in an age of true competition between Read More

Professional quality decorating kit for DIY painters

Blog, brushes, Corona, Little Greene, Mirka, mypaintbrush.co.uk

When recommending professional decorating kit for DIY users, my philosophy is quite simple: Good workmen rely on good tools, and DIY decorators actually need the best kit, best paint and best brushes, even moreso than a professional, probably! There, I said it! Keen DIY – if you aren’t the best painter, the last thing you Read More

Colour Trend paint review : paint with passion

Adam Bermingham, Blog, brushes, Corona, paint

A Colour Trend paint review from Traditional Painter for Ireland, Adam Bermingham, who gives Colour Trend acrylic paints a work out. We like independents, doing things right and doing right by their customers. What does Adam think of this Irish paint manufacturer’s products? Ronan O’ Connor began manufacturing decorative paints from a Famine Workhouse in Read More

Quality Paint Brushes

Blog, brushes, Corona, Mythic paint, Ron Taylor

Quality Paint Brushes are they worth it? Seems like an odd question really, as you would think the answer would be yes. Unfortunately, you will still struggle to find high quality brushes in a lot of UK outlets. Quality brushes are hard to find off the shelf You will see Purdy Monarchs, a fine brush, Read More
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