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Buying a hand-painted kitchen – tips on attention to detail

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen Posted Jan 24 2011

I specialise in hand-painting kitchens and furniture, quite a picky pastime, by anyone’s standards. When I am out and about and come across a kitchen showroom, I tend to look out for the hand-painted display. A sad geeky affliction, I know.

A painted kitchen should look good when you walk in the room. Then look good when you get up closer. And still look good when you peek more closely.

I have to say, in the past couple of weeks, on my travels round the high streets, I have been surprised.

Examples of poor quality control in kitchen showrooms

If you are in a showroom looking to buy a new painted kitchen, hopefully you don’t see these sort of oversights:

I nearly cut my finger tips checking out the woodwork on a glass-fronted cabinet which was on display in a showroom at a high-end kitchen maker. The paint was rough as old boots and judging by the misses, needed another coat at least.

Paint on hinges may sound trivial, but on an in-frame kitchen where the hinges are exposed, it looks rubbish – and there is absolutely no need for it. It’s all about the details.

Horrible ridgy run downs the side of drawers are a bit of a let down too. I saw one the other day in a showroom on the high street – right at eye level in full view of any passerby with more than a passing interest. But that was indicative of a kitchen which was overall poorly painted with paint on a hinge, not enough paint on the end panel…

Attention to detail

If you are a pro, you are undoubtedly aware of what to look for. If you are a home owner in the market for a painted kitchen, hopefully those pointers above might save you a fortune at the store – or make you feel good about the purchase.

That’s it about nit picky details. Whatever route you go – enjoy your hand-painted kitchen. Or if you are still wondering what to go for, check out this definitive resource for painted kitchen styles.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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