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Brushkeeper for your Water-based Paints

Listed under Equipment, Matthew Evans, Welsh heritage Decor Posted Jun 09 2013

Matt Evans Traditional Painter South Wales has been trialling a brushkeeper for your water-based paints. Two brushkeepers, actually! Both from Holland.

You may have seen an earlier post of mine including the Clean and Go storage container, which I use regularly. It’s a good system. It helps clean and store water-based brushes for a period of time stopping them from drying out in our scorching weather. The only thing against it is the size, and while Hildering do have a larger storage container, I was offered the Cling-On Brushkeeper to trial.

Waterbased brush storage

Initial impressions were good. It’s a well made unit, internally lacquered to prevent corrosion. More importantly it is sufficiently deep enough to stop the internal liquid from spilling out, and wide enough to stop tipping over in the back of the van. Cleaning out is easy, as the lid removes completely via a secure latch ring.

The brush holders are spliced pieces of rubber which secure the brushes very well indeed and even after long periods holding brushes, they return to a useable position.

Using a Cling On! brushkeeper

The obvious comparison is to the Brush Mate 20, but as you are suspending your brushes in water (or as I have been, a weak KrudKutter solution or you can use their brush wash) you need to rise some of the paint off before storage.

This extra step hasn’t been a problem with the help of the Clean and Go.

Cling On Rubber Brush Holder

Suspending the brushes also helps the remaining paint in the stock to gently release, which can only be a good thing.

At the moment I’m favouring the Cling On! Brushkeeper as the main overnight storage unit, and using the Clean and Go to keep my brushes fresh throughout the day and before going into the Brushkeeper.

Quick colour change

Don’t think that you are limited with colours when using the Hildering and Cling On system, as there is very little colour transfer (I change the Hildering water every 2/3 days and the Cling On Brushkeeper up to 10 days) between brushes. I’ve stored pale off-whites and greens in the same container with no problems.


Why mess around with carrier bags, cling film or buckets of water? Both the Clean and Go and the Cling On Brushkeeper save you time cleaning brushes everyday, and stop brushes slowly clogging up. Just need something for my rollers now?

P.S. You might have noticed the new Rembrandt brush from ArroWorthy, not been used on any scale yet. But the initial impressions are really good, more on that later.

Matthew Evans hand painted kitchens South WalesSpecialist painter and decorator, Matthew Evans, is a member of the Traditional Painter UK network. He is the first port of call for hand painted kitchens South Wales.

Matthew and wife Lindsay, an interior designer, work together decorating heritage and period properties. They draw on time-served skills and techniques to hand-paint kitchens, furniture, and apply traditional paints and decorative finishes, including gilding and graining.


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