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Box for paint brushes

Listed under Blog, brushes Posted Feb 22 2012

Still looking for the best box for paint brushes? Is a perfect brush box / carrying arrangement still on your list of mini obsessive ongoing optimal organisation projects?

Oil brushes I keep in a vapour box, a 4-brush box for kitchen painting only. So storing oil brushes isn’t a problem. It is synthetic brushes that pose the problem for me. Wooster brushes are like traffic cones, they keep multiplying. I tend to find a decent box, fill it with brushes for example, and then along comes another Wooster or Proform brush, the box is then too small, so out with the brushes…

Or you wrap paint brushes in a cloth, which is fine and practical and kind to bristles, but then how do you carry mini rollers, or spare sleeves, or spare brushes? You need to be a one-man paint army, and can’t be running around for brushes, mini rollers, sleeves, a kettle, some paint conditioner…

My box for paint brushes

What I have used for a while now is by no means pretty, but it works for me. It could be pretty with some more obsessive tray building slider flip-up lid contraptions, but I am a painter not a cabinet maker.

Take one plastic crate with lid. Lay out your stock of new or rarely used brushes, bristles protected by the original card sheath.

Take one small plastic box loaded with spare mini roller sleeves. The box wedges in so doesn’t actually rest on the bottom layer of brushes

Take one eco-ezee roller tray and cut it down, so it rests inside the smaller plastic box on top of the roller sleeves. This is where I keep my daily use brushes. The recycled cardboard is quite good for damp bristles. I don’t use too mnay different brushes per day, so it is plenty big enough for my needs.

Next, place a 7″ roller tray on top of the brush “tray” and in there I store my mini rollers for daily use with a couple of ready-to-use sleeves, or drying sleeves from previous day.

Place a Wooster Pelican to the side, with a couple of plastic liners, a microfibre cloth, a Trimaco one tuff cloth, a stirrer. Space still left for paint conditioner and plastic gloves.

That does me for any brush and mini roller situations. One simple and well stocked, fairly easy to organise paint brush box. I am sure there are prettier versions. What do you use to look after your best paint brush?

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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4 comments to “Box for paint brushes”

  1. chris Spence

    Hi mate, always enjoy your site, thought id look at you paintbrush box, and by coincedence im using a similar box by royal mail, but my lid is in two and inter locks on closure,brilliant for brushes and sundries etc on site + i can park myself on it at break !always a bonus, right i need your help i want a Benjamin Moore black bristle brush “2,2.5” angle and flat or even the 65/125 angled sash similar to the one jackpaul uses, can you suggest a supplier or even get them for me ?
    Let me no Andy Cheers and with upmost respect for your continued contrabution to the trade its guys like you who inspire me 😉

  2. Traditional Painter

    Ask Mike the Brush on PPS, isnt he off to USA shortly for a trip? Thanks for bringing your own brand of enthusiasm to the trade. 🙂

  3. Mark Richardson

    I actually use,to good effect! a stanley tool box the one with wheels…Large and rectangular with inner tray which holds all normal length brushes and in the main area below which is obviously larger holds all my woosters,purdys etc At a guess this system could easily hold 40-60 brushes!

  4. Andy Crichton Andy Crichton

    Looks solid. For 60 brushes, I presume you have about 15 painters working with you!

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