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Blogging puts painters and decorators on map

Listed under Blog, Marketing Posted Jan 22 2012

Blogging is one way that painters and decorators can get themselves and their website on the map, so to speak. Pick a topic you are expert on, and write about it, add photos, keep it real! Google indexes the topic and serves your blog post to the public in the search results. If it is the most relevant, your post will appear on Page 1.

This Traditional Painter visitor map shows visitors to the site over the past 7 days.

200 pages of content generated about 5000 page views from all over UK. A lot of the pages are on page 1 of Google search results.

So what, page 1 Google?! So what 5000 page views, what’s so good about that?

A blog is all about solving problems or offering advice. So the logical extension is that several hundred people searching for specific information on an aspect of painting and decorating, actually found the info they were after on this working decorator’s blog. In the future, if they have another decorating query, or a JOB needing doing… surely you don’t have to fill in the blanks about the potential public service and business value of a blog.

Does a blog generate work?

You bet it does. And not always in the way you think it does.

This gentleman emailed and asked

I need to paint what I think is an old oak sideboard/dresser.
It’s a very dark finish (stained and/or varnished). Would I need to strip it down to bare wood (and if so with what), or would it be sufficient to sand and then prime/undercoat/topcoat?

He doesn’t live local to Chester, he wants to do the work himself. Why bother helping him? Well, the upshot is that he now knows what to do, the best materials to use and where to buy them from. One less fraught DIYer, one less bodge job in the world, and one more sale for a quality decorating merchant in Derby.

What’s in it for me? Directly, nothing. But often, I get asked the same question about hand-painting a kitchen. In the answer I explain where to look, what to do, and often the reply is, Oh, that sounds hard, I think I will employ someone to do it for me.

I work in Cheshire, but if the enquirer lives further afield, I list a number of trusted specialist painters in the UK who are ready, willing and able to tackle the sort of work where it isn’t obvious what to do. It isn’t hard to see how giving away information on a meagre blog can benefit many people in many ways and put a painting business on the map.

What’s next?

If you have a blog, keep on blogging. Why not send me your next blog and I will post it on this site as a guest. It will get read and your website will benefit from the link and the association with this site.

If you are a decorator with something to say, but no blog or website to say it on – or you are trying to blog, but struggling with a crapola website, feel free to contact me and let’s work something out.

There is a lot of important information stuck in the heads of great craftsmen and folks running successful decorating businesses – the public really do want to read what you have to say!

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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5 comments to “Blogging puts painters and decorators on map”

  1. Chris

    Great post Andy! Not only can our blogs provide a service for potential customers, they serve as a great way to network and educate others in the trade! Keep up the good work!

  2. Painters and Decorators in Oxford

    Hi Andy.

    You’ve put together a great post here! Having a well-maintained and authoritative blog can get you a lot of love on Google, and also helps to reassure prospective customers about the quality of your work. It’s a win-win situation!

    Best wishes, Alex.

  3. Traditional Painter

    Cheers Alex, keep telling ’em! Blogs are a big opportunity missed for so many painters who think a website is enough.

  4. David Ross

    This is a really helpful article! Any advice on how to increase sales and enquiries is always helpful. Though I don’t have a blog of my own – I think it will be helpful to do guest blog posts to generate this same kind of interest and authority.

    Does anyone know of blogs which would take guest blog posts on our specialism of external painting and decorating?

  5. Essa Bella

    This blog is just perfect to let people know about the painting and decorating business and their websites. It’s an excellent way to educate others about this business.

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