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Best lining paper from Coveryourwall.co.uk

Listed under Blog, products, suppliers Posted Jan 10 2011

Uses of lining paper

I rely heavily on lining paper for my work.

If I’m not using it to protect kitchen worktops, I am laying it on tiled floors, carpeting, entrance halls to keep them safe from the rigours of decorating.

And it goes without saying that I often line walls before painting, and always line walls before wallpapering. Lining paper holds old ceilings together, and it is indispensable for preparing over-size paint samples for clients.

Needless to say, I am quite careful about the lining paper I use, as it has to meet the requirements of each particular job. And to cut to the chase, coveryourwall.co.uk seems to me to offer the best one-stop shop for lining paper of any and every grade.

Where to buy lining paper

DIY stores
Historically, I have always favoured buying lining paper from the DIY sheds. Years ago, Homebase used to sell virgin pulp, the best lining paper for literally half the price of the decorators merchants. And they always had it in stock.

(At one point I even approached a paper mill to supply a humungous roll of lining paper which I could roll off to suit myself. As I dug deeper, I learned that their minimum roll weighed half a ton and the kit to unroll it into usable lengths- don’t even ask. Just the material alone worked out just 2p a roll cheaper than buying it ready rolled and packaged from Homebase.

Since moving to Macclesfield, I have been happily using Wickes lining papers – they have a full range of weights at good prices too, and keep a good stock of 1200 or 1400 grade lining which is ideal for most of my needs. Unfortunately Wickes source lining paper from a different supplier and now their recycled stuff, in my opinion, is only suitable for covering floors!

Decorators merchants
If I ran a decorators merchant, I would assume lining paper of all grade, shape and form would be in constant demand, and I would have plenty in stock at all times. I tried this theory out in practice and found I would be a rare merchant! As a decorator, if you can’t rely on your local supplier at short notice for such a basic item, the only option to avoid running out, is to buy in bulk and carry your own stock. At this point, it seems silly to pay a bricks and mortar merchant for boxes of lining paper just so you can overcome the convenience they don’t necessarily offer. Stockholm Syndrome gone mad.

So, online it is for my stock.

Online suppliers
Out if curiosity I emailed an online supplier called Cover Your Wall, asking for information on MAV Wallrock and thermal lining paper. I was blown away. Not only do they carry the specialist lining paper, but they carry all the virgin pulp lining papers a picky pro could ever need. And they have lots of tech support too, in the form of comprehensive product info, How to Videos and pointers from the boss.

And I was astonished at their prices – in a good way. At a local trade store, the quotes had sounded high, but I presumed they were good trade prices and probably reasonable, considering MAV offer such specialist products. And then along came quotes from Cover Your Wall, and I had to paste myself into my chair to stop myself falling out.

So once I get my schedule firmed up, I will be putting in a trial order for my stock of lining paper from Cover Your Wall. The proprietor, Robert, has already given me lots of help and practical advice and I look forward to doing business with a company offering such a well thought out online service.


As they say, when you need to learn something, a teacher is sure to arrive. I was looking into specialist MAV wallcoverings from Erfurt, a German company who are famed for specialist lining papers. From paste-the-wall to non-tearing lining for movement cracks, through to insulation, and even exterior cladding! It is good to know these things, even if you don’t specify them but once in a blue moon.

This is an insight into hanging the highly debated thermal insulation.

I say highly debated. By all accounts you can’t say a room is warmer just because the walls feel warm to the touch. ie If you touch the window in the same room, it feels cold, but the room is still the same temperature. But what I believe you can say, without getting too deep into a thermal physics debate, is that if the walls are well insulated internally, the room will warm up quicker than without insulation. So you could be saving energy and therefore, money, by turning the heating process off 15 minutes earlier than usual. But whether you can say thermal lining paper is a cost efficient way to keep a room warmer for longer, I don’t know if that is so easy to prove.

If you have any further information or tips about lining, or lining insulation, leave them in the comments for everyone to enjoy. Sharing knowledge is by far the best way to make the trade better and give the public an ever improving service.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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2 comments to “Best lining paper from Coveryourwall.co.uk”

  1. acmasterpainter

    [watch out!] Best lining paper from Coveryourwall.com – via #twitoaster https://traditionalpainter.com/best-linin

  2. Paper company

    Make sure you’re using the right grade of paper for the job.
    Frequently, buyers who report high prices for recycled paper are not choosing the same recycled grade of paper as the virgin paper grade they’re comparing to. The higher costs are caused by the more expensive type of paper, not by the recycled content.

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