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A bespoke kitchen repainted in North Wales

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, mark-roberts Posted Jul 26 2016

Mark Roberts, Traditional Painter covering N Wales, was asked to repaint a bespoke kitchen in Flintshire.

It had originally been painted in a mustard colour. This project is another prime example of how a well made and well designed wooden kitchen is a good invesrment. It can be continually updated and given a new lease of life, by being professionally re-painted in a new colour.

bespoke kitchen repainted in North Wales

Degreasing the mustard paint

It can be a delicate subject for a painter, telling a prospective client that the first stage will be to degrease their kitchen. We aren’t judging. Suffice to say, if any cooking has taken place in even the cleanest of homes, there will likely be some grease on some door somewhere. And when we are applying a modern kitchen enamel paint, we endeavour to remove all traces of grease, dust and “stuff” that may affect the adhesion of the paint.

We have several proven methods for preparing different surfaces. On existing paintwork, my usual spec is to thoroughly degrease all surfaces using a citrus degreaser in tandem with Mirka Mirlon pads.

Thankfully the world has moved on from sugar soap and there are several reliable eco-friendly degreasers around nowadays in the UK. The Mirka Mirlon pads are flexible and lightly abrasive and can be worked into all areas. It took a good day to complete this stage of the preparation.

(Here is an example of where I used this cleaning combination on another kitchen.)

Sanding and priming

Once all the cleaning down is finished, out come the sanders attached to my dust extractor. I meticulously sand and fill and double check all and any surfaces that require painting.

All doors, drawer fronts and plinths were labelled, removed and taken away to my unit to minimise any disruption to the clients.

Compared to the doors and drawers, there is relatively little work in the carcasses, so I was able to complete the kitchen cabinets in a timely manner. The clients really appreciate how I am able to leave them with a working kitchen while work is in progress.

Once I was satisfied with this stage of the preparation it was time to apply Otex, an oil based adhesion primer from Tikkurila. This was mixed to the exact finish colour, which is a good idea to help build up a solid final colour.

It took up most of days 3 and 4 to reach this stage.

Goodbye Mustard hello Jo

All the primed surfaces are fine filled and finely sanded ahead of applying the finish paint. In this case I applied two coats of Alcro Servalac enamel mixed to a comparable Little Greene Paint Company colour called Joanna.

Increasingly it is possible to have the best paint in any colour. The traditional thinking was that the customer picked a colour from a paint manufacturer’s colour card and then the decorator looked for the best paint in that particular brand’s range for the job at hand. This approach is fraught with difficulties, because not even the best paint companies have a top notch product for every single decorating scenario.

Thanks to massive investment by merchants in mixing machines and a growing focus on colour matching, there seems to be an accurate formulae for most paint colours on the market. (The old Magic Eye really needs to take a good look at itself!) It is now perfectly feasible for the customer to pick the colour they like from whatever source, be that colour cards, pieces of upholstery or fabric, even paintings. The decorator sorts the rest.

So in this case, the customer loved a colour on a Little Greene colour card, and I thought this tough Servalac enamel finish from Alcro was the perfect paint and sheen for the kitchen. I had the paint mixed accurately by my paint supplier in the desired colour.

The end result

All doors and drawers that I had removed from the job on day one were taken back to the house and received their final coat of paint when back in place.

9 days from start to finish to transform a kitchen and dresser from a dark mustard to a lovely light airy colour.

bespoke kitchen repainted in North Wales

A testimonial from the client:

Our kitchen was beautifully painted and transformed by an expert and true professional.
Mark gave advise on the correct paint to use and it was obvious from the first meeting that he had a broad and thorough knowledge of his industry. I felt I could trust him to do a professional job and I wasn’t wrong! The preparation was thorough and the paint work executed without any mess. Mark was a tidy and conscientious worker. He was 100% reliable and the overall result was perfect with a flawless finish- I was absolutely delighted, thank you.

Mrs P. – Flintshire, North Wales

You can find out more about Mark on his “profile page with links to other projects, customer reviews and more. If you go on his website, you can check out other examples of his kitchen painting work in N Wales, Chester and the Wirral and his credentials.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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