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Axus Décor

Axus Décor manufacture and supply innovative and good, made-to-last decorating tools and brushes. Their range is designed inhouse, and reflects extensive feedback from professional decorators who only want the best kit to work with.

Products are available from various suppliers – online: MyPaintBrush and Trade 1st, or from independent local merchants, Brewers or Crown Decorator Centres. To check product availability in your area, contact Minul at Axus, who also offers mail order on the complete Axus line.


Axus Décor are taking this opportunity to talk direct to professional decorators and keen DIY about their company and the products they are really proud of. Please take advantage of this platform to interact with an innovative and industry-leading business. Ask Axus questions about what you see and read here, and contribute any constructive comments about what they do well and what they could do better.

Axus Décor: Company information

Axus ScraperFounded: 2010
UK HQ: Mill Hill, London
Website www.axusdecor.com
Contact: Minul
Tel: +44(0) 7432 661039
Email: info@axusdecor.com


Axus on Axus

Axus Décor is a range of decorating tools and accessories, tailormade for the professional decorator. Made for decorating, and designed by decorators.

Their best products are a result of decades of research, listening to feedback from decorators in their own decorators merchant in North West London, S&S, which has been running for 40 years. They search worldwide to find materials to manufacture products that can make decorating tasks easier, and leave results that will impress.

Any feedback is welcomed as they are always trying to improve their product offering.

Axus Décor’s – 3 top products

100% Merino Wool Sheepskin Roller Sleeves

pure-Merino-Sheepskin-Roller-160 wideTraditionally, sheepskin rollers have had a place in the market for exterior painting, due to their long pile (usually 18mm) and absorbency. However, making use of the natural properties of good quality sheepskin, they have also developed a 10mm medium pile 9″ sheepskin roller. The thickness of the pelt is not too long so you can use it easily on smooth interior surfaces, yet the ultra high density porous fibres of the wool ensure that the roller loads a large amount of paint, yet releases evenly. Superior to most other sheepskin rollers about, Axus Decor ones are made only from the finest pure Australian Merino wool, the softness of which cannot be matched by synthetic rollers. This allows an excellent finish to be achieved, very quickly.

In addition the long and medium pile, there is a unique 30mm extra long pile version, which does look like a bit of a monster, but will hold paint like no roller ever before! The long pile and extra long pile are also available in a 12″ size.

There are a lot of sheepskin rollers on the market, but Axus Décor believe that these Merino ones are the very best, and if looked after (washing and drying after each use) they will last ages.

Pointed Precision brushes

Grey-Pointed-Precision Axus Decor Normally designed with a longer handle and a pointed stock of bristle for getting into corners easily, many decorators consider a sash brush to be a good shout for painting sash windows, frames, architrave and mouldings. Pointed Precision is Axus Décor’s version of a sash brush, and is quickly gaining popularity with decorators for its superior performance.

So what makes it better than the rest?

Rather than using hog bristle, these brushes are made of 100% synthetic filament, which is much better for holding its shape, and washes out very easily. The filament is also incredibly fine, so brushmarks are minimal, and the taper and cut of the brush means a really straight edge is achievable. Only possible with a synthetic filament, the smaller 12, 15 and 20mm versions have been engineered with a more pointy end than other sash brushes on the market, making them perfect for any task involving getting into corners.

Whilst the smaller sizes will suit most of your sash brush needs (frames, mouldings, etc), it is important not to dismiss the larger sizes. The reason the product isn’t called a “sash brush” is because it is not limited to such a use. Cut in walls/ceilings with the 30mm size and you will see what I mean. The precision and control is incomparable.

To finish it all off, the handle is made from an eco-friendly natural bamboo and the ferrule is a magnetic stainless steel, allowing you to use it with both Brushmate boxes, and our magnetic brush clips.

Flexible Stainless Steel Filling Knives (various sizes)

Flexible-Stainless-Steel-Filling-KnifeFinding a flexible filling knife that won’t rust can prove to be a task. The problem is that to make a blade rust resistant, it’s got to be made of stainless steel, but stainless steel is not generally that flexible, so most manufacturers either make a flexible tool out of high carbon steel or settle for a slightly flexible stainless steel one. Axus Decor filling blades, however, are made from a stainless steel of optimum thickness that is heat treated in a special way to make it ultra flexible.

The handle: A smooth, chunky handle fits naturally into your hand, and feels solid. It is made from Pakka hardwood, an outstanding material of exceptional quality: Using advanced processes, carefully selected hardwood veneers are impregnated with phenolic thermosetting resins. Under intense heat and pressure, multiple layers of these treated hardwoods are fused into a single block of material that is extremely strong, durable, weather and moisture resistant. The shiny finish is natural result of the process, and not the result of a varnish or lacquer, so the wood won’t be affected by paint and varnish strippers. The filling blade continues to run throughout the length of the handle, secured further by two rivets for lifetime durability.


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Axus Décor on TV

Below find more commercials and videos on Youtube produced by Axus Décor and private individuals.

Axus video channel

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7 comments to “Axus Décor”

  1. Angela Bird

    Please advise where I can buy one of your 12″ EXTRA LONG PILE 30mm sheepskin roller sleeves. I want to purchase one online, but cannot find a stockist.

  2. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    Hi, is this sheepskin sleeve what you are looking for

  3. Bruce Co Axus Decor

    Well done Andy, I was going to direct Angela to the same web site.

    Angela sorry for the late reply,

    Kind regards,

    Co Axus Decor

  4. Gra


    Do you know if the Axus Décor Filling Knife with the blue green plastic handle (or any colour plastic handle?) has the same flexibility (ultra?)as the wooden handle version?

    The steel blade on the plastic version is a slightly different shape than the wood version you show on your ‘Axus Décor review page’ and so it got me thinking??

    Many Thanks

  5. Minul

    Hi Gra,

    The new filling knives have a rubber grip, and the steel is same, but since the steel does not go all the way through to the end of the handle, it doesn’t quite have the same flexibility, but is nearly there.

    Kind Regards,

  6. Dave vaudin

    Where can I purchase your wooden handled ultra flexible 1.5 inch filling knife please ?

  7. David Goldsmith

    Could you please explain the quality hierarchy of your brushes please, I have seven mink brushes and wondered what level of quality the colour range denotes, I.e. Red blue lime etc. I am very pleased with the mink versions

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