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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for professional painters

Listed under Annie Sloan, Blog, hand-painted furniture, paint Posted Aug 27 2017

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for professional painters. Really, painters and decorators seem to have overlooked the reality that millions of homeowners world wide love the effects of Chalk Paint. By using wax and paints wisely and artistically, you can achieve texture and infinite colour ways from a limited selection of colours.

Annie Sloan, the inventor of Chalk Paint, has fans worldwide. They admire what she stands for as a designer, painter and entrepreneur. In their view, the qualities of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint usually outweigh the standard pro painter thinking about what is a good paint.

The only way is to use the toughest enamel acrylic finishes, or best conventional primer, basecoat and topcoat. You have to prep hard.

However, when you are after a look that only Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can offer, and it is done well, the pros are missing a trick by staying wed to what they know and dismissing the demand.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

From a professional business point of view, Chalk Paint is an affordable and creative and sought after system for upcycling furniture.

If the protective wax is applied correctly, as in not too thick, the wax provides a durable, practical coating. It is not “hammer tough”, but which paint is! On the other hand, you can create effects with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that you could never achieve with a super tough acrylic enamel.

There is an alternative way to protect chalk paint that should appeal to the trade. Try using a clear lacquer, which is tougher than wax. It works on floors. It works out as a profitable spec too, if you look into it.

What are the practicalities that make Annie Sloan Chalk Paint so good?

It needs little preparation.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint requires no priming. It will adhere to varnish and waxed wood, old oil paint, water-based paint, melamine and a myriad of other surfaces.

Flexible approach to creating finishes.

Even the least artistic soul can create the antique french look. Leave it open to the air and the consistency of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint thickens. It can then be applied with a spatula for textured finishes that grab the different coloured waxes. Decorative artists can create ornate furniture effects, without having to use products like scumbles and glazes. Just paint and wax will do. However, you can use glazes plus lacquer if you want, as well as gilding creams, craquelure and more.

Excellent coverage

A litre of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint will probably be enough to paint a small dresser or a 5 drawer chest of drawers and 4 chairs. Almost all colours are pure, not formulated with black. This means they can easily be mixed to make new sharp colours to your taste.

It is good value.

Low on hassle and low on labour, and coverage par excellence, it is a cost effective way to achieve a chic designer look.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is global

They are a serious company with a state of the art paint factory. They supply from the USA to Germany, Australia, Holland, Spain, France, UK and more. The paint is available via stockists worldwide and is well supported.

Wherever you look, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is used in line with the inspiring ideas from Annie Sloan herself. As an idea, look to Spain, this is a simple way to stencil and paint a wooden floor with viva España Annie Sloan Chalk paint (Pintando un suelo con Chalk Paint Annie Sloan)

Alternatively, how about this armoire project by a professional painter from The Netherlands using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Scotland

Check out Cait at Carte Blanche, Scotland’s foremost decorative paint finishers.

Cait knows a thing or two about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for furniture painting projects. It is a fast, attractive, reliable and cost-effective system compared to alternative classic traditional ways.

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort
John Ruskin – 1819 – 1900

I noticed during my research that with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, it tends to be lady painters leading the way. But I am sure it is suitable for the boys too!

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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