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Adorn brushes

Listed under Blog, brushes, Ron Taylor Posted Oct 23 2013

The Adorn brushes reviewed below made a surprisingly good first impression on Ron Taylor. Is this a Purdy Monarch killer at near pauper prices?!!!

Adorn Brushes from Saffron Sphere Ltd were a new one on me until I got a couple from Andy Cherry at MyPaintBrush.

I had 2 from the range. A *2″ Master Craftsman angled synthetic and a *2″ DuPont Tynex flat, also synthetic but a different, softer, blend. 

Saffron Adorn brush 2" square edge Saffron Adorn brush 2" angle sash

The brushes seem very well made with a nice feel and good flex to the bristle. Both brushes have square edged ferrules, a style that is becoming more popular in the UK since the import of the Corona Cody and Knight

I used both brushes for a couple of weeks on exterior work in both Johnstone’s Trade exterior masonry paint and QD Exterior Satin, a hybrid paint.

Adorn 2″ angled brush in masonry paint

The angled brush performed well in both paints. It cut in good lines on some fairly rough render against brickwork. The bristles are on the firm side and they kept a good line and worked the paint in easily. 

Adorn 2″ angled brush in hybrid paint for woodwork

Switching to the hybrid trim paint, the results were good as well, with a nice line cut and nice brush out.

The bristles might not suit pure acrylic paints prone to brushmarks, but there was no issue with the Johnstone’s hybrid, (oil suspended in water).

The brush kept its shape well throughout the day and washed out cleanly.

If I have one critisism the bristles are fairly short for an angled brush.

However, with this brush retailing for £6 plus vat, this is somewhat of a bargain when compared to many own branded, lower quality brushes available at UK decorator merchants.

Adorn 2″ flat brush in QD satin trim paint

Switching to the 2″ flat in the hybrid woodwork paint only, I found the same ease of use, nice feel and good brush out of paint. This brush, though a flat design, has a fairly thick stock and the bristles aimed to a sharp point at the end, giving great paint loading and the ability to cut in very sharp lines.

These bristles were longer than the angled version, and the brush performed better for it. I do like the square edged ferrule with both this and the angle brush, and think it gives a more comfortable grip when using the brush on its edge.

Praise indeed So far, for handling and finish, this could work out to be a brush to rival Purdy’s excellent Monarch Elite, and would be at home with hybrid and acrylic products.

I will admit I liked both brushes, but the 2″ flat would be the one I would recommend to try first. The softer bristles and ability to cut sharp lines will appeal to a lot of people who haven’t yet moved to angled brushes.

Ron taylor hand painted kitchens warwickshireRon Taylor, a specialist painter and decorator based in Kenilworth, is the Traditional Painter responsible for hand painted kitchens throughout Warwickshire.

Ron is one of the UK’s leading authorities on the specification and application of water based and waterborne paints.


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