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4 reasons for painting – plus one

Listed under Blog, classes Posted Sep 28 2011

“What are the 4 reasons for painting?” For many painters out there, that question may sound as hard to answer as “Why are we here?” But if you remember your college days, the answer should trip off the tongue.



1 – Decoration – adding colour to a space (hopefully with something more inspiring than magnolia and white.)

2 – Information – signs and colour coded pipes keep us safe or in line.

3 – Preservation – arguably the most important job performed by a coat of paint. (Whatever happened to creosote?)

4 – Sanitation – keeping things clean and hygienic.

My reason for painting (ie the plus one) is I enjoy the work. For many it is mundane and hard graft, with perpetual rubbing down and cleaning up, with a dash of painting thrown in. But I must be wired weird because I don’t see all that prep as a bad thing. That is probably because it was drummed into us at college that prep is fundamental to the success of any painting project, be it for the purposes of decoration, information, preservation or sanitation – or any combination of the above.

As a side note, if you are in the trade, get as well trained as possible, and preferably apply for courses that explain the thinking behind why you do things a certain way. It is not good enough for you or your clients if you burst on the scene without understanding the principles behind painting and decorating. If you have a steady hand and a strong arm, it is fairly easy to perform a specific task, but only your behind-the-scenes knowledge will get you out of trouble when problems inevitably arise.

So, DIPS all the way.

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2 comments to “4 reasons for painting – plus one”

  1. Jamie Cunningham

    I’m at college also, I’d been doing bits of work beforehand. I’d just forgotten the ‘Sanitation’ one. Like your site, it’s explained in a straight forward way. I can tell you’ve done college and your information is sound.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Andy Crichton Andy Crichton

    Thanks. If you view college as a springboard not the end game, you have a very full working life ahead.

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