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Hand painted kitchen in Cheshire using Benjamin Moore Scuff-X

Listed under Blog, Equipment, forum, hand-painted kitchen, mark-roberts Posted Sep 13 2018

Traditional Painter Mark Roberts recently completed this Hand painted kitchen in Cheshire using Benjamin Moore Scuff-X paint. The wooden kitchen was originally natural timber protected with a clear lacquer. He transformed it with a neutral colour scheme: Benjamin Moore’s Soot on the main kitchen cabinets and Desert Twilight on the island.

Before and after

Hand painted kitchen in Cheshire using Benjamin Moore Scuff-X paint Hand painted kitchen in Cheshire using Benjamin Moore Scuff-X paint

The paint Mark used was Benjamin Moore’s Scuff-X eggshell, a very durable low sheen water based paint. It is very tough, ideally suited for kitchens and furniture. (If tech paint information interests you, here is a full run down on the impressive Benjamin Moore Scuff-X paint from the USA.)

Hand painted kitchen in Cheshire using Benjamin Moore Scuff-X paint Hand painted kitchen in Cheshire using Benjamin Moore Scuff-X paint

If you are looking for more detail about how Mark works, check out this article about hand painting a kitchen in Caernarfon.

It is the little things that make the difference

Mark has been fine-tuning and perfecting his working practices over many years. He is always looking for ways to improve. From a customer’s point of view, Mark’s drive for improvement means his paint finishes are to a consistently high standard. Also by keeping to a proven system, he can schedule accurately and meet deadlines. His clients appreciate these details, details often overlooked by most other kitchen painters.

How to be consistent and efficient

It is hard to be consistent and efficient, if you are not well prepared! Mark has adopted several new products before they became famous.

Paint kettle with a difference

Here we see Mark with the innovative Flow Control heated paint kettle from Hildering in Holland.

flow control paint kettle Mark Roberts Cheshire

To the untrained eye, no big deal, it is a pot for paint. But looking closer, it has a temperature control! With warmed paint, Mark can adapt the flow to counter difficult ambient conditions (cold or draughts). With nicely flowing paint, he can apply flawless finishes consistently, throughout the seasons. Without draggy paint, he doesn’t lose time fighting uncooperative paint. (More on the Flow Control kettle.)

Best of class lighting

Mark invested in this Festool Duo Light, while others baulked at the price. It is super bright.

festool duo lights

On the surface this lighting system seems to be no big deal – it illuminates a work space, just like any other site light? Not exactly. At several hundred pounds, it is like night and day compared to a typical halogen light.

Check out the following pictures from an article from another Traditional Painter and duo light fan, Martin Guest. See how it casts no distracting shadows on the surface being painted.

duo light off

Duo light on

You can’t tell from the photos, but it also gives off next to no heat.

Therefore, as a result of his investment, Mark can enjoy near midsummer lighting conditions throughout short dingy winter days or in poorly lit spaces. This means he is always able to spot any blemishes and maintain his high standards of preparation and finish work year round. And it is another piece of equipment that ensures Mark can keep to deadlines. There is no reason to bunk off early, or lose time because dark and shadows are stopping play!

All round professional

Add in his extensive product knowledge, spraying skills, easy going nature and professionalism, Mark is a credit to his profession. A good person to call if you need your kitchen painting.

Check out Mark’s verifiable reviews from past clients and other case studies.

What next?

Looking for a quote.

If you are in or around the W Cheshire, Chester, Wirral or N Wales areas, Mark will be happy to talk you through your next project. He can advise on colours and generally look after you, answering your every question. Like all Traditional Painter members, he understands that there is much more to a kitchen painting service than a great paint finish. Contact Mark via this form or direct on his website.

If you are looking for advice on painting your own kitchen

We invite you to check out the forum. I set it up from the start as a quiet reference library rather than a hectic site hut. Last week it was therefore very satisfying to see a long standing member, a keen DIYer, post this to a new member.

(I) was in the very same position as you about three odd years back.I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, if you want to up your game to the very best results (as I set out to do) then this is the place to be.

Folks on here have real skills (not just man with van skills). They will share them without making you feel stupid or treading on hallowed ground or being patronising … is a rare beast. Original thread

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