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    Restore Victorian bathroom with Little Greene paints

    Russ Pike of Prime Decoration Nottingham, is an expert in period property decorating, and he explains how he went about this project, to restore Victorian bathroom of a house in Beeston with Little Greene Paint.

    Best paint for bathrooms

    I used Cupboard Green (201) in Oil Eggshell for the tongue and groove paneling and Intelligent Matt in the same colour  for the walls above. However the different surface textures make the paint look two different shades.

    These paint finishes are formulated to resist moisture, staining and general wear and tear. Intelligent Eggshell (formerly known as ‘Acrylic Eggshell’) has a tough yet subtle finish and is a superb paint for woodwork and kitchen & bathroom walls.

    Little Greene floor paint

    The customer had asked me to remove the old floor covering to see what condition the floorboards were in. If suitable, they wanted the boards painting to add additional light and create the look of more space.

    Once I  had thoroughly prepared the floor by degreasing with Krud Kutter and sanding all the floorboards down, I applied 3 coats of Little Greene Floor paint in Slaked Lime (Mid 149) (leaving overnight to dry between coats). The colour was specified by the Client, and was slightly darker in colour to the Slaked Lime (105) used for all the other woodwork.

    The next stage of the job involved replacing the hearth tiles to the original fireplace.

    Restore a Victorian fireplace

    The tiles had become damaged over the years, so the client had managed to source some original tiles to use and wanted the fireplace to be a nice feature focal point of the room.

    This project didn’t come without a few problems as the substrate beneath the tiled hearth had become loose and had broken down. However, although it’s not a job I do on a regular basis, I have acquired the knowledge and skills over the years to rectify minor setbacks such as this.

    These original features can cost a small fortune, if you were to try and buy one, so it’s well worth a little effort to bring them back to life!

    Slaked Lime (105) in Oil based Eggshell was again used on the surround with a little grate polish to the main grate and the original name “The Repton” was picked out with a white sign-writers enamel.

    If you have any questions about the ins and outs of this restoration, please ask over on the Traditional Painter forum. This thread for instance is asking specifically about paint for floorboards

    Little Greene paints are supplied by Paints and Interiors, free delivery.

    Prime Decoration NottinghamshireSpecialist painter and decorator, Russ Pike, is a member of the Traditional Painter UK network. He is the first port of call for hand painted kitchens in Nottingham Derby and surrounding areas.

    Russ has been a professional decorating specialist for 30 years, lectures at New College Nottingham and is Dulux Select and TrustMark approved too.


    We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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    5 comments to “Restore Victorian bathroom with Little Greene paints”

    1. Simon

      Hi Russ,

      Great post and a lovely job by the look of it.

      You don’t mention using any primer or undercoat, just 3 coats of Little Greene floor paint, is that right?


    2. Charles Budd

      Hi Russ,
      Another question about the LG floor paint. What did you think of it? Any feedback from the customer? I use LG paints a lot and really rate them, and have a floor to paint soon. Did you sand the boards down to bare wood and prime?

    3. Prime Decoration Russ Pike

      Sorry Simon, I must of missed your question!
      Charles my good man, how the devil are you?
      I do rate LG Oil based paints highly and have never had any issues wherever I’ve used them. Touch wood!
      I carried out a full degrease to the boards prior to any sanding using Krud Kutter Original. I then washed them down with clean water and left them to dry overnight. I applied 3 coats of LG Oil Floorpaint direct to the bare flooring leaving at least 18 hours before recoating and with a light sand of 320g abranet in-between coats. No foot traffic was allowed on to the boards until completion. I have carried out further work for this regular client who was highly with the finish and the work, no issues have ever been raised.

      Hope that helps?



    4. Imaginative Interiors Imaginative Interiors

      Hi Guys,

      I used LG floor paint for the 1st time a few months ago and found it great. Great covering power and really nice to use. I cleaned and sanded the floor boards, used a coat of Zin Bin then 3 coats of the LG floor paint. Boom, lovely finish and tough as old boots as far as I can tell :-)

    5. Charles Budd

      That’s good to know Lee. I’d have thought Zin BIN too brittle for floors?

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