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    Paint pine furniture

    This is a reference point for everything you need to know about how to paint pine furniture.

    Tips on preparing pine, oak or laminate – bare, waxed, lacquered or painted before.

    Insights into painting a flat solid finish in oil eggshell, acrylic eggshell or chalk paint, to a top professional standard.

    There is a lot here, but I have only just scratched the surface in terms of possible finishes and effects and use of colour and spraying… so if this is your thing, and you want to keep ahead of the game, subscribe for free email or RSS updates.

    How to paint pine furniture

    Painting pine furniture
    Till I compiled this page, this article was the most read summary on the internet about painting pine! A lot of people have contacted me about their successes, having followed the advice.

    Paint fitted furniture
    Transform a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or drawing room with a professional paint finish.

    How to paint laminate
    A common question is How do I paint my laminate wardrobe, laminate kitchen, laminate end panel, laminate cornice. Here’s how!

    Painted chairs
    These can be fiddly, but quite effective when painted.

    More tips on professional furniture painting

    Q&A about painting pine
    Feel free to contact me with questions about topics not covered here.

    Table tops, work tops

    Table tops
    Should you paint, wax, or varnish a pine, oak, or mahogany table top or any surface that gets wear and tear?

    Langlow Patina
    This polyurethane gel is my preferred sealer to protect worktops and table tops, hand rails.

    They do a range of pretty tough and easy-to-apply clear sealers. I use two mainly: Decorators varnish for sealing water-based paint and a wood varnish for sealing bare wood with a water clear finish. Dulux Diamond Glaze is pretty damn tough, but please don’t use it over paint unless you really know what you are doing, and even then, Dulux will never back you up if you have a problem.

    Annie Sloan chalk paint

    Annie Sloan
    Chalk paint is a really good alternative to oil or acrylic eggshell if painting furniture. I love the simplicity of the process, OK it is labour intensive and there are several knacks to master if you want to offer a professional service, but the results from early on will blow you away, assuming the French / Swedish look is your thing!

    Chalk paint is for boys too
    Enuff said!

    Annie Sloan works for pro painters

    My first impressions of chalk paint

    Best paint for pine furniture

    Paint options for furniture
    This will give you a pointer in the right direction about which paints to start and finish with.

    Blackfriars Problem Solving Primer
    This is re-branded Classidur Universal primer. Pros will know what I mean when I say “Load up!” A low odour water-based primer is comparable to Zinsser BIN in performance, thick enough for an undercoat, and is at least half the price of the same paint in an original Classidur tin.

    Mythic multi purpose primer
    Mythic is another fantastic “foreign” primer. Over oil paint, I think it flows faster and easier than any other primer. 2 coats over knots, sealed. Practically no odour, zero VOC zero toxins yadda yadda. A favourite.

    Oil based eggshell or water based eggshell
    What to choose?!! Since 2010, the oil based options have shrunk, and in most cases quality and / or usability has dropped, but thanks to companies like Little Greene and a stack of oversees manufacturers, that isn’t the whole story, thank goodness. Equally, the quality of acrylic eggshell has been sky rocketing. Decisions, decisions.

    More about oil based eggshell

    Farrow and Ball paint
    I don’t have much time for this company. I did, pre 2010, but since they have been developing their new eco ranges, their marketing clout has gone through the roof, the consistency of paint is down, while consistency of insisting that everything is fine with their paint, and all issues are USER ERROR, has risen exponentially. It’s not that you can’t get a good finish, but there are lot better options out there for a stress-free experience with beautiful traditional English heritage colours in reliable trade quality chalky and low sheen paint. (The full Farrow and ball soap)

    Painted pine failures
    When you don’t prepare pine properly it can get ugly.

    Best brushes for painting pine furniture

    The best paint brushes
    It is all about finding the best brush for the right paint. These are best of class for today’s paints – available in UK. And this is some more indepth Paint brush talk

    Wooster Alpha
    The Wooster Alpha is one of the leading brushes in America, but thats because it has been designed for US paints. It gets a bad rap when used with crappy UK paint. But for premium high acrylic content paint, it is a beauty – just not quite as beautiful as the Picasso or FTP.

    How to avoid brushmarks in paint
    Flawless finishes are the painter’s holy grail. It isn’t a total doddle, but if you have the concentration, will, plus the knack and a bit of help from your paint, it is not beyond anyone to beat the quality of the average painter down the road.

    Best sandpaper for painting pine furniture

    dust free sanding
    There is no doubt in my tiny mind that Mirka Abranet is the answer to all painters’ and homeowners’ dreams, especially when you use their dust extraction system. The £50 starter kit is perfectly adequate for DIY and professional use. Sanding pad, abrasives and the hose stuck up a Henry, if you’ll pardon the expression, enables you to sand flat areas perfectly, quickly and cleanly for years to come.

    sanding sponge.
    On fiddly bits use a sanding sponge. You can easily make your own.

    Professional furniture painters

    You may not have the time, or the inclination or the skill to hand paint furniture or kitchens, but wherever you live, you do have some reliable names to call now.

    I would trust any of these specialists to do my work for me. They are so good at their job, and passionate about their trade. having them in your home will be an event, not a trial! Hand painted furniture, hand painted kitchens

    How much does it cost to paint furniture? Exactly?

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    We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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