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tel: 01603 861935

Andy Crichton: Traditional Painter
St Andrews Castle
33 St Andrews Street South
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 3PH

Who are Traditional Painters?

These independent kitchen painters have been invited to share their knowledge and expertise on the site. If you contact Traditional Painter asking for a recommended kitchen painter, you will be referred to the closest one to you. They are the only kitchen painters with permission to display the trademarked Traditional Painter logo.

As of Dec 14th 2015, Traditional Painter is covered by an Alternative Disputes Resolution Service (ADR) which is provided by the Ombudsman Services: Consumer Ombudsman…

The Ombudsman holds the list of our invited members.

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In the unlikely event of a complaint about our workmanship, clients will be referred to our 2-step complaints procedure.

If we are unable to provide a satisfactory resolution in-house, consumers will be referred (at no cost) to the Ombudsman Services which is independent and impartial.

Furthermore we have signed a legally enforceable Deed Poll agreeing that we will abide by their recommendations – we have taken this extra step to demonstrate our commitment to customer service, not because we have to!

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