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Code of conduct for painters and decorators

These are the simple and fair guidelines that Traditional Painter UK Kitchen Painters have agreed to abide by, when dealing with clients. This level of service sets them apart from the norm.

Code of Practice


– To take pride in your work, and maintain the consistently high standards that the public and peers in the trade would expect of specialists.

– To demonstrate outstanding levels of knowledge and understanding of our field of specialism

– To keep up to speed with current trade practice, products, skills and techniques.

– To actively promote good trade decorating practice to our peers and the public

Running a business

– To not take on any work that is beyond our capabilities.

– To run jobs efficiently and safely, especially if other personnel or trades are involved.

– To act with honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business.

– To maintain legally required business documentation, records and accounts.

– To have the financial framework in place to run a job as promised

– To have current and suitable insurance cover for running a business.


For the protection of all parties, to:

a) determine the full extent of the work required to deliver a high quality job.

b) submit estimates or quotes in writing and include where relevant-

– A clearly defined scope of works/tasks
– Price and whether VAT is applicable.
– Clearly define any costs that may be variable.
– Approximate time period required to complete project

– A defined period for acceptance of quotes
– Payment Terms including deposits, stage payments etc.
– Terms and conditions where applicable
– Once the client has agreed (verbally or in writing) to an estimate/quotation/fee proposal, a contract shall exist between the contractor and the client.


– Any daywork labour rates will be clearly stated, as well as mark-up on extra hire costs, materials etc.

– If requested, a scope of works and an estimate of the total project costs should be presented to clients for approval before works commence.

Once work is underway

– Where a delay is likely to occur, to inform the client as soon as possible.


– Any variations to the works listed in a quotation should be recorded and agreed with the client prior to proceeding.

– Any daywork labour rates for extra work will be clearly stated, as well as mark-up on extra hire costs, materials etc.

– Once the client has agreed (verbally or in writing) to an estimate/quotation/fee proposal for extras, a contract shall exist between both the contractor and client.


Contractors are responsible for all works undertaken as agreed between them and their client. If there are any complaints while Traditional Painter work is in progress, it will be dealt with promptly and appropriately on site. Should there be further cause for complaint, please refer to our complaints procedure here.

We are a member of the Ombudsman Services: Consumer Ombudsman who is our Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) service provider, an independent and impartial body who will mediate where we cannot solve an issue satisfactorily in-house.

Heath & Safety

Contractors agree to keep up to date and comply with all current Health and Safety legislation relating to their work.

Codes of Practice

To adhere to the code of practice of any trade/professional organisation that they belong to and will comply with the relevant British or European Standards, building regulations and any technical codes of practice which relate to the project tasks being carried out.


To respect the clients’ privacy and take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of their home/site and a safe working environment.

It sounds like a lot of boxes to tick, but in reality, 90% of this comes naturally if you have been properly trained from the outset, and have been driven to adapt and adopt the practices of the best members of the construction industry.

To formalise these thoughts, I referred to construction industry drivers for quality, Heritage building register ProjectBook and the painting trade’s biggest association, PDA and the Ombudsman Services: Consumer Ombudsman.

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